The Sweetest Way to Break Up

Breaking up is never easy, but if there is anyway to make it less painful, this is how:

A Brooklyn-based designer, Isabella Giancarlo, created an awesome project called "Eat Your Heart Out" in which she takes quotes from real breakups and puts them into dessert form because...why the hell not!?

It was actually inspired by a personal experience of Giancarlo's!

“After a break-up last spring, seven words sat me that I couldn’t shake,” she told MetroUK. “I thought about ways to reclaim that phrase… how could I sweeten words that initially took away my appetite?”

“Engage with the uncomfortable, sticky feelings of a broken heart,” she explains. “Gorge in feelings that are so often dismissed as self-indulgent.”

She also takes submissions!

If you have a line you'd like to propose, leave it here on her website :)

Now, getting one of these out of the blue might be harsh, but imagine if you were broken up with and you baked this for yourself. You're literally eating their words and its DELICIOUS!

A great reminder that even though ending something is painful, something sweet is bound to come out of it :)

For those who have been broken up with before, keep your chin up and remember that desserts will NEVER break your heart.

Anyone else have ways to get over a break up?

Hello, I am Sophie! freelance writer and coffee addict. Get ready for tons of posts about dating and kitchen design hahaha
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