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@AaliyahNewbell tagged me and@KhrystinaLee made the original game!!! Thanks to both of you!!!

Sooooo.... Hyukie and I were best friends for a long time.... and things sparked and we thought there might be something more. So we started dating. At first everything was great. But then he started to get clingy and I realized that we werent meant to be. I broke things off as easily as i could manage but I knew our friendship would never be the same.

A few weeks after Hyuk and I broke up I went to a party and was hounded by none other than a Drunk N who followed ne arround all night trying to get me to make out with him. (not his most shining moment).

Hyuk found out about N being around me at the party and went crazy with jealousy. I angrily corrected his misconception but unfortunately never talked to him on good terms again.

After a lot of bad luck in the Man department, i assumed it couldnt get much worse. Well I was wrong. I started recieving letters from a secret admirer which soon took a slightly creepy turn. The boy sent me weird gifts and pictures of me from when i thought i was alone. It made me worry for my safety. I had never been stalked before.

After a few months the letters stopped. In that time I had completely given up on meeting anyone who I would fall in love with. Wallowing in self pity my friend convinced me to go out to coffe with her one night. As we were walking to the coffee shop, a boy stops me and he talks to me as if he has known me forever. Then he mentions the letters and I know it is my stalker. I tell him to leave me alone and he doesnt take it well. He grabs my arm and my friend yells in shock. "You should probably let her go." a soft but stern voice pipes from behind the boy. He whips his head around and a fist connects with is face. The boy releases my arm and then runs off holding his nose in his hands. "Are you ok?" The now visible man asks us. He is tall abd lanky and his features scream lion.

His name was Leo. Well thats what everyone called him. And he was perfect. We stayed in contact after that night and eventually we started seeing eachother. We became inseperable. We fell in love. And lived happily ever after!!!

Sorry it was a little Long but i figured it needed an explanation... So i made a story!

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