BTS Weddings and Honeymoons {Oneshots}

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Rap Monster:

It was the big day! The day you would become Mrs. Kim, The day you'll have a husband. You would become Namjoon's wife for life. Just the thought of being with him forever makes you smile. As you were fixing your dress, You look into the mirror to see your beauty. Never reazling your true appearance made you tear up a bit.

"Is the bride ready?" Your father asks as he lends his arm.

"She is ready..." You said with a smile as you wrap your arm around your father's.

2 groomed men open the doors to see a bright light shine upon in front of you. You slowly start to walk down the aisle as everyone stands up and is stunned by your beauty. You carefully move up the steps as your father gives your to the husband to be, Namjoon. You look into his eyes as the man was speaking. His words were out of your mind as all you see was Namjoon.

"Do you Kim Namjoon, Take (F/N/L/N) to be your beloved wife as long as you both shall live?" Namjoon turns to me as he says those very words; I do.

"And do you (F/N/L/N) take Kim Namjoon to be your beloved husband as long as you both shall live?" You pause, In that very moment, It's your decision if you wanted to be with him. You say, "I do..."

"I pronouce you husband and wife, You can kiss the bride."

Namjoon smiles at you as he leans in for a blissful yet a bit of a passionate kiss. When he pulls away he whispers to you, "I'm so glad your my wife. My love forever..."


You wake up one morning to see that Namjoon wasn't next to you. You looked everywhere for that sneaky bastard. You looked through every nook and crany just to find him. You heard a honk from outside as you look at the window. You see Namjoon using his hands to form a big heart as he stands next to a boat. You felt excited as you run out the front door to jump into his arms. "What is this?" You asked him as he kisses your forehead.

"Happy 3 Year Anniversary Baby~" He says as his voice deepens, Making it sound sexy.

You smile as he walks with you towards the boat.

*AN HOUR LATER* You and Namjoon arrive to this forest like place surrounded by a pretty blue ocean shore. He gets off the boat and lends out a hand for you to grab, Just like a Princess. He runs as he holds your hand into the bushes and trees. You laugh and smile at him as he accidently hits a tree. He let out a loud grunt as he rubs his head.

"Are you okay?" You asked him before kissing his head softly. "I'm better than okay when your around." He says sweetly, Which made you blush. He tries to act cute as he leans in for a kiss. But Unfortuantely, It starts to rain. He laughs as you squirm out of the rain and hide underneath a a little cave. He sits next to you as he whispers,

"I'm so happy to be here with you, I love you." He leans in for a blissful kiss as his hand touches your hair. As you heard the sound of the rain dropping, You pull back to say, "I love you too." Before going back in for the kiss once more.


As you looked into his eyes, You hear him say those amazing words, "I do.."

You look at his lips as you say the same words, "I do."

"I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He smiles at you as you went in for it. You felt his soft lips press against yours as his hands grab your face. As he pulls away, He takes your hand and runs with you out of the door as everyone threw white flower petals with beautiful white doves soaring across the sky above you. As a man opened the door for you and Jungkook, You both got in as his hand doesn't let go. As the carriage drove off from the white church, You turned to Jungkook smiling at you with pretty eyes. He whispers, " I'm so happy to be with you forever, I love you cutie~" He interupts you from talking as his lips seal together with yours. He pulls away as you began your sentence, "I love you too Kookie!"


You woke up to see Jungkook above you. You squirm as you push him off of you, But he smiles and chuckles as he says, "Babe, Go put on a bikini."

"Why?" You asked him with a long smirk. His face deepens as his voice raises a bit saying, "Your my wife, I love you and I demand you to go put on a bikini. The red one! That one makes you look really sexy."

You gave him a grin as he walks away as he grabs swimtrunks on the way out, Shutting the door behind you. You started to get undressed as you looked at the door. The door was slowly opening as his voice whispers, "Ready?"

You shut the door forcingly as you yelled out, "No!" You put on the bikini and tie your hair up in a high bun. You heard a knock on the door as a voice says, "Ready now?"

You open the door widely and pose sexily as his jaw just drops down to the floor. You blush as you stood up and walk over to the bed just to jump onto it and lay there. He laughs quietly as he picks you up bridal style and runs out of the door. He runs outside with you in your arms as he laughs loudly. He yells out, "Hold your breath!" Before throwing you into the pool. Before landing into the water, Everything felt slow as you scream out oxygen before holding your breath.

Your body breaks through the wet atmosphere as your hair unties itself, Leaving all of your hair exposed. You swim up to the top to see Jungkook laughing at you. You give him the dirty eyes as you pull him into the pool with you. He falls in as he holds onto you, Making you go underwater with him. As you open your eyes in the water, You see Jungkook smiling as he swims to the top. You swim after him gasping for air. You made it to the top to see Jungkook laughing at you, "Oh Babe, Your hair is like frizzy and wet at the same time!" Your face appeared a long expression as you felt his hand touch your chin. He leans your head up as he says, "I love how your hair looks, I love how your body looks in the swimsuit, Showing off your curves and those fine legs of yours. I love you (Y/N)." He leans in for a kiss as his arms wrap around your waist. You felt his excitement touch you as you grab his face. You both slowly drift into each others lips as you both slide down under the water.


After saying those very words, "I do", Hoseok guides you to the dance floor as he grabs your hand and leans his face against yours. As you both slowly start to dance together gracefully, He whispers into your ear, "Prepare for tonight, The tables will turn." Your eyes felt stunned to hear those exact words coming from his mouth. As the wedding slowly starts to end, You hold his hand as he whispers again seductively,

"Prepare for the HoneyMoon, The beds will turn." You give him a dirty smirk as he smiles and blushes like an innocent boy.


He laughs as he brings you into the bedroom. As you smile at him, He leans in for a passionate kiss. His tongue starts to do tricks with yours as his hands reach for your back. He unzips your dress slowly as you pull off his blazer. Sooner or later, You both were in the nude while kissing each other passionately in bed. He raises himself on top of you as your fingers laced together behind his neck. He starts to thrust into you as you let out a little moan."Oh My God.." He moans out quietly. You felt his excitement inside of you as he starts to suck on your neck. You grip onto his back as he digs his teeth into you scarcely, Leaving a lot of hickeys. He stops and slides over to the other side of the bed. He smiles and moans before falling asleep next to you...


You woke up to the feeling of a slight touch sliding across your jawline. You open your eyes to see Hoseok staring at you seductively, "Last night was amazing!" He whispers in a sexy toned voice. You blush as he kisses your forehead. He closes his eyes as his head lays against the pillow with his arms raised. You cover yourself with a blanket as you bury your face away into his side cutely. He says gruntingly, "You have been a naughty girl, But daddy is too tired right now, I will punish you later..." ;)


Before the wedding officaly starts, You, The Maid Of Honor and the bridesmaids all go into a room to take photos from professionals. You look around the room to see a lot of people, Making you feel pressured and anxiety. You felt a warm touch around your waist line. You look over your shoulder to see Yoongi leaning his chin on your shoulder as his eyes were closed. You pet his hair as he whispers to you, "You look so beautiful today..."

You blush as he lets go of you and looks at your dress. He takes your hand as he looks at your body up and down as he bites his lips seductively. He says quietly,

"Damn~ You look so sexy in that dress." He hugs you tightly as he peck kisses your neck softly. You blush as you felt your body rise up in temperture. He lets go of you as a guy called Yoongi to take some groom photos. Before he leaves he whispers to you,

"Don't be nervous, You look amazing." He lets go of your hand as he struts his way over to his grooms men. As you messed with your hands, You look over at Yoongi posing sexily as he stands with his arms crossed. You hear the photographer yell for you,

"Where is the bride?!?!"

You picked up your dress as you carefully run towards over the center of the floor. He sets you and all the other lovely women in uncomfortable poses as you look over to see Yoongi staring at you with settling eyes. As he flashes the camera in your face, You hear Yoongi and all of the other grooms men screaming and cheer on. You try not to smile and laugh as you pose stiffly for the camera. The photographer gathers everyone together as he demands everybody, "Okay everyone choose a partner and hold their hand and stand next to the groom or the bride." He pauses to inhale deeply,

"Okay Lovebirds! The wedding starts in about an hour so just hold each others hands and Yoongi kiss her cheek with your eyes closed and (Y/N) you just blush and smile with your mouth closed into the camera."

As you do the demands, You felt his lips touch your cheek as his fingers lace with yours, Making you blush a lot. You smile as you look into the camera and...


You eyes flet blurred as Yoongi releases his lips away.


You woke up to the sound of Yoongi screaming cutely. You immediately sit up as you yell at him, "Yah! Why you screaming?" He blushes as he says, "Because it's our honeymoon!! I'm excited for it!!!" You get up and grab your neat dress as you walk into the bathroom, Shutting the door behind you. You get changed and freshen up as you hear him running back in and out. You got out of the bathroom to feel Yoongi grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the door. You got outside to see a boquet of roses sitting on a table with a card. You walk over in awe to read the card, it says,

"If you are thinking of giving us a gift, to help us on our way. A gift of cash towards our Honeymoon, Would really make our day. Our home is already full and furnished, and we have everything we require. But some special time somewhere far away, Would be our hearts desire." --- Min Yoongi

You smile as his arm wraps around yours, Giving you a kiss on the cheek made you felt butterflies. He walks with you towards a bridge near water. He gives you a set of binoculars as he smiles slightly. You brought them near your eyes as you felt his arm wrap around your shoulders. As you look at him through the binoculars, He says,

"I love you Sleeping Beauty~" You say back to him, "I love you too My Prince.." Before kissing his cheek...


At the wedding, Before you can walk down the aisle, You fix your son, Joon Woo's tie as you tell him, "Remember sweetie~ You have to be careful with those rings. Don't drop them, Can you do that for Eomma?" He says back with a cute voice,"Okay Mommy..."

You smile at him as you get ready to walk down the line in your father's arm. You take his arm and start to walk down the aisle as you look at Taehyung, How he looked good in that suit, How much he looked handsome made you feel like the only girl in the world. You hold onto Taehyung's hands as the pastor starts to say words. Your ears blurred out everything he says as you into his eyes.

"May I have the rings please?" He asks. You look over at Joon Woo as he walks down the line carefully with the rings. He hands them tothe pastor with a big smile across his face. The pastor hands you and Taehyung a ring as he says more words. After the direct commands were informed, Taehyug slips the ring on your finger as you do the same.

After the pastor says a few more words, After you and Taehyunggie~ says, "I do.."

Taehyung leans in for a kiss after the pastor says, "I may now pronouce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Taehyung's lips pressed against yours softly as his hand grapsly holds onto yours. As he pulls away, He gets everyone's attention as he says loudly, " Excuse me everybody!" He breathes happily as he continues,

"I just wanna thank everyone for attending this special occasion... I am proud to say that I am a lovely husband, father and friend. I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful son who got his looks from her. I have a loving mother and father, As well as a loving mother and father in law. I have amazing friends and a great family and I can't see what the future holds... I love you all." He raises his glass as he says, "Cheers."

Everyone raises their glass as you do the same with Joon Woo in your arms. He takes a sip as you do the same. Joon Woo begs you cutely, "Eomma!!! Can I hwave some pwease???" You chuckled at his limited vocabulary as you look at his puppy eyes.

"No Sweetie~ You can't. It's bad for you." You said in a cute toned voice. Taehyung walks behind you as his arm wraps around you and Joon Woo.


You woke up to the feeling of being squished. Your eyes open slowly to see Joon Woo and Taehyung jumping on the bed as they both fall on top of you with joy. You chuckled at their childish behavior as you kiss Joon Woo on the forehead and give a peck kiss to Taehyung. "Eomma!!! Wake up!!!" Joon Woo squels. You smile as you sit up and fix your hair. You felt a warm touch around your shoulders as someone or something pulling you back with force. As soon as your back had touched something fuzzy and warm, You look up to see Taehyung cute eye smile. He pets your head as you lay against his lap.

"Abeoji!!!" Joon Woo cries out. Taehyung looks at him with a smile as he says cutely,

"Come here WooWoo!"

He stretches out his arms with loving care as he jumps into his arms with love. He picks him up as his other hand grabs onto yours tightly. He guides you outside to see that it was a sunny day. He says excitingly, "Let's go to the beach!"

You smile as Joon Woo yells happily, "YEAH!!!!!!" You chuckle as you go and put Joon Woo into a swimsuit. You go put on swimsuit as Taehyung watches him. You go and put on a simple black 2 piece swimsuit. You walk out as you brush your hair. You look up to see Taehyung's mouth wide open with opened eyes as Joon Woo covers his eyes.

"What?" You ask with curiousity. "You look gorgeous...I'm so happy you said yes."

You smile as you blush to yourself. You kiss his cheek as you walk out of the door with Joon Woo.


You all jump out of the car with joy as you run across the warm sand to land into the cold freezing water. You shiver until you felt his warm hug embracing your body. You smile as you both look at Joon Woo with pride. He starts to make a sand castleas he asks, "Can I burry Abeoji??" He pauses as he sighs cutely, "How about we burry Eomma first? Like a mermaid shape." You laugh as you lay in the sand and wait there til you were completely covered. You felt something pressing against your face. You look up to see the world had gotten darker. As you realized that you had sunglasses had been placed on you, You felt a kiss on your cheek. You look over to see Joon Woo laughing at you as he chuckles, "Eomma is the little mermaid!!!"

Taehyung laughs as he says, "And I'm her prince Eric!" He smiles as he leans for a kiss. When he pulls away, You pose as they both laugh at you with bright smiles.


After you both had sealed a kiss to agree to the words, "I Do.." He takes your hand and guides you down stairs with passion. Jimin stops mid stair to pose sexily as he looks straight. You look over to see a photographer trying to snap some pics. But insecurity got to you because you cover your face by nuzzling into Jimin's shoulder. After he was done, Jimin pets your head as he says, "You can show your beautiful face now Babe..."

You look up at Jimin with red cheeks as he walks you downstairs. You both get onto the dance floor hand in hand as love songs start to play. You face lit up as soon as "Wedding Dress" by Taeyang starts to play. Jimin lends a hand as he says, "May I dance with the most beautiful girl here? The one is a pretty wedding dress that makes her look sexy..."

You blush as you take his hand. He wraps his arms around your lower waist as you raise your arms around his neck. You run your fingers through his soft lucious hair as his hand rubs your back seductively. As you dance with him romanticly, You start to hum out the lyrics as Jimin spins you in circles, Making your hair flow with the atomsphere. He pulls you into his arms as he yells out, "Excuse me~" Getting everyone's attention, He continues, "I just wanna say something about the lovely bride..." He turns towards you as he guides you across the room towards the stage. You start to get nervous as he tells everyone to chant out, "Sing! Sing! Sing!" Everyone raises up a pumping fist as they chant. You felt your hand shaking as your world felt crumbled beneath your feet. You raise the microphone to say, "What Song?" Jimin smirks as he says, "Call You Bae By Xiumin Hyung and Jimin sunbaemin!!!" You smile as you grab his hand, "Sing with me?"

He sighs in shyness as he says, "Just this once..." He takes another microphone as you both start to sing together.

"Neoneun oppahante jakku ireol geoya?

Yeui eopseo boyeodo nan niga joha baby

Apeuroneun oppa malgo ya hal geoya

A molla ya! Ha! Go! Sip! Eo!

Neo oneul wae irae

Wae irae seolleige

Pyeongsorang dareun geot gateunde

Oneulttara deo yeppeo boine

Neo jinjja wae irae

Wae irae my baby

Simjangi mak teojil geosman gateunde

Geureohge usgikkaji hamyeon eotteokhae..."


Jimin wakes you up with a smile across his face as he whines, "Wife get up!!!!"

You giggle as you say, "Good Morning Oppa."

He pins you down with his hands grasply tightening your wrists into his palms as he whispers, "Do not call me oppa..." He sighs, "Call Me Daddy..."

He playfully starts to softly bite your neck as his tongue plays tricks with your mind. You felt his warm lips start to kiss you as he holds himself up. Your body turned red as he moans out quietly, "You look so sexy in the morning~" You push him off of you playfully as you try to run away. But you were caught and wrapped around his arms as he says,

"I love you...So much..." You blush as you grab his hand. He looks into your eyes as he lets go of you and walks towards your closet. He looks through every crook and crany to find this beige pinkish colored bikini. He looks at you as he says, "Put it on."

You follow his commands as you pull the bikini out of his hands. He kisses your cheek before saying, "I'll be outside tanning." You get ready as you listen to "I Like You" by GOT7. You walk outside as you tie your hair up. You see Jimin laying in a hammock shirtless as his eyes were closed. You lay on top of him as you lift up his black, tinted sunglasses. You poke his nose as his eyes space off into your eyes. He pets your hair in relief as he grunts loudly, "You scared me..." He pauses as his fingers run through a strand of hair as his lips come towards yours, He whispers, "Don't scare me like that..."

He starts to kiss you again once more as you blush with feeling. You decided to go along with it until, His hands start to mess with your bikini top. You pull back as you lightly slap his hand. "No Oppa! Not in public."

Jimin's face looked disappointed as he gets out of the hammock. He sighs loudly as he says, "Oppa? Who is Oppa?" You smile in relief as you shyly say, "No Daddy...Not in public." Jimin gives you a dirty smirk as he picks you up bridal style, He whispers into your ear seductively as he walks you into the house, "I'll show you who is a real daddy tonight." ;)


"Today is the day." You thought to yourself as you prepare to walk down the aisle. You inhale deeply as some men open the door. You hold onto the boquet of flowers as you start to walk slowly towards the stand. You look up to see Jin smiling with pride as his hands start to shake with nervousness, Which was pretty cute. You stand in front of Jin as he pulls over your wedding veil. As the pastor speaks some words and phrases, You look into his lovely brown eyes, The way they twinkle in the light, How his pupils got bigger around you. The pastor interupts your thoughts as he asks you,

"Do you (F/N) (L/N), Take Kim Seokjin to be your beloving husbnd, To love, To cherish as long as you both shall live?" You smile at Jin as you say, "I do."

"Do you Kim Seokjin, Take (F/N) (L/N) to be your beloving wife, To love, To cherish as long as you both shall live?" He blushes, "I do."

You hold onto his hands tightly as the pastor says those words, "I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Jin goes for it as he grabs your face gently. AS he pulls away, He grabs your hand and brings you into the center of the room. He lets go of your hand and runs up stage. You felt that your eyes were gonna burst into tears as Jin says, "I love you (Y/N), My one and only. The only person I'll look at forever, This is for you Cutie Pie~"

He raises up the microphone as some slow instrumental starts to play.

His voice starts to flow out with perfection as he sings,

"Urin Neomu dalla

Jal algo itjanha

Seoroui jinsimeul

Aneul su eobtjanha

Ihaehaji anha

Gieokhaji anha

Neul malppunin maldeul

Gidaehaji anha

Saranghae neoreul Nan

Nan neoreul saranghae

Nan neoreul saranghae

Nan neoreul saranghae

Nan neoreul saranghae

Nan neoreul saranghae

Ttaseuhan geudaeui songillo

Saranghae neoreul Nan

Nan neoreul saranghae

(Nan neoreul saranghae)

Nan neoreul saranghae (oh baby ~)

Nan neoreul saranghae

(saranghae, saranghae oh ~)

Nan neoreul saranghae (yeee ~)

Nan neoreul saranghae

Ttaseuhan geudaeui songillo

Nareul anajwo

Nareul jabajwo" You start to tear up as he stops. He runs towards you and hugs with loving arms wrapped around your trembling body. He kisses your forehead as his hand holds onto your side. You pull back to feel his thumb swipe across your face. You see he had a rose in his suit as you fixed tie. His hand doesn't let go of you as he reaches for the lovely red, alive rose. "Here is a beautiful rose for the most beautiful girl in the solar system." He takes your hand and places the rose between your palms. You turn to see that it was almost noon. Before you could do or say anything, Jin picked you up bridal style as he walks you towards the lovely carriage. He sits you inside and shuts the door. He gets in on the other side as you both felt the carriage being dragged by horses, Just like a fairytale.


You sit there on the bed as you watch some tv. You felt something warm touching your thigh. You look over to see his head leaning against you. You run your fingers through each strand of his hair as he deepingly asks, "Want to go outside?" You nod yes as he gets up. Jin grabs your hand as you both walk outside. You look up to see a set of light up tiki torches with a table in between. He walks you towards the table as he opens a seat for you. He pushes you in and go takes a seat for himself. You see there was a plate covered by a top in front of you. He opens both at the same time with delight as he squels, "Eat Baby~ I want you to be strong and healthy!" You smile as you start to eat.

During the lovely dinner, You felt his hand move a strand of hair behind your ear. You grin heavily as you move it back into postion. He whines cutely,

"Why are you moving it?? I love how cute your ears are."

"I have pointy ears!! They stick out on the sides." You fought back.

"Well Park Chanyeol has pointy ears and everyone still loves him~"

You frowned, "It's not the same." You felt his hand lift up your chin as his lips press against yours, Which made you feel a lot of butterflies... When he pulls away, He says to you, "I don't care how your ears look. I love you for you! If I really hated your ears, I would be stupid not to fall for the most sincere and caring girl. Your special to me."

You blush as you kiss the tip of his nose, "I love you too Jin. Your so sweet and kind towards me..." He smiles as he says, "I'm the luckiest man in the world right now, and I'll always will be..."


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