Inspo: Lavender, Honey & Coral

Still not sure which direction you want to go in terms of your wedding colors?

No worries. I've compiled several beautiful photos to get the wheels turning. For these inspirational photos I chose three colors: lavender, honey and coral.

The lavender you see here is on the moody side--more gray and cool. Lavender doesn't always have to be on the purple side or pink. It can remain cool and blue-gray, which is something that melds well with rustic and boho style weddings.

I'm not sure that anyone loves gold more than me, which is why I wanted to shy away from metallics and opted for honey. Honey is that perfect blend of yellow-brown that is also a sunny choice for brides that want an outdoor affair without weighty colors. Yellow is an uplifting choice without being a solid monochromatic.

Coral is like the color mint. It quickly became a fave among brides and wedding planners, yet refuses to fall out of vogue. The popular orange-pink range is dynamite for weddings all year-round. It's also a great choice regardless of the time of day your ceremony begins. It's very forgiving and refreshing.

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