Community Quiz: What Is Your Love Language?

Are you speaking the correct language for your love life!?

Answer all five questions and add up your points. When you're finished, scroll down for your results!

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1 - 5 Points: Spanish!

Your language of love is a language of passion and romance. Its similar enough to English that with a bit of studying you can hold conversations and whisper sweet Spanish nothings into your lovers ear. "Tu quieres comer unos tacos conmigo?" always works!

6 - 10 Points: French!

You're willing to conquer all those accent marks and silent letters for romance, and that's pretty alluring. The pronunciation might be hard to get around but once you've got that rough 'R' sound down you are ready for love!

11 - 15 Points: German

Forget measly accent marks! You're in for the long haul and that means all new grammar! You're not afraid to try out the huge words like lebensabschnittgefährter (which 1. yes, is a real word and 2. means your lover or partner for the day lol)

16 - 20 Points: Farsi

This gorgeous language has faint French tones and a stunning alphabet (same script as Arabic but totally different pronunciation) You'll be stealing all the hearts when you can call someone "the fire of my heart."

21 - 25 Points: Korean

Your love languages is one of the hardest languages to learn, but you're willing to take that risk. Dive into the world of new grammar and a whole new alphabet for this language of love which is filled with cute phrases to play with! (Shout out to@kpopandkimchi for teaching me how to even make these quizzes!)

What language did you get? Do you already speak it?!

Share your results in the comments!

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