Koreaboo trying EXO-L again

I come in koreaboo and all the hater of EXO you are really going to chew out Chanyeol for writing thank you EXO-L on a place. It tiny and won't kill anyone so shut up and stop trying to put the boys down!!!

Oh then the next article was bitching about Baekhyun...😡like really you see them going up back as otp9 and you just have something to say. Then the article about him drinking underage is super old news. He already apologies which he didn't have to. Get over it hater y'all just mad cuz he looks better then all of you put together x1000!👿okay that's it rant over.

Update to my bio I'm now 22 soon 23 I have a year into college for my teachers degree. Maybe I should have card purely for updates on my lifeless life....
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