{Manga Mondays} Favorite Mangakas?

Hey Nakama!

Our love for all things Anime & Manga wouldn't be possible were it not for the talented men and women who create the art and the storylines we all love. So on this dreariest of weekdays we can bring some cheer into our day by celebrating who our favorite Mangakas are!

Everyone, write cards about their favorite Mangakas!

Here's one of mine:

Akira Amano

Akira Amano is the Mangaka responsible for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! which is one of my all-time favorite mangas. She has also done character design for Psycho-Pass and also is working on a new series currently, called elDLIVE. I haven't read the new stuff yet but I'm stoked to read it!

She's a badass mangaka of anime!

Who is your favorite mangaka?

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