VIXX Easter Bunny Game Results!


Hey guys! So I got tagged by@KhrystinaLee to do this game and so let's take a look at my results!!

Oooo the quiet one... He can be pretty adorable sometimes...

LOL I can't see him being a stalker... He would be either crazy or just very creepy...

Ravi would be a crazy ex-boyfriend. I mean have you seen the way he looks in some of the music videos...I could see it XD

Aww Hyuk would be a good best friend...and we are close in age so it would awesome!

DANG KEN...Someone needs to restrain this man...he is freaking me out...he is like one of those extremely attached ex - boyfriends in the movies that follows the girl around everywhere lol. Anywho, if you would like to play the game, make sure to go to@KhrystinaLee 's card! Thanks guys and if you play this game tag me in it as I would love to see your results! Thunder Buddies! :@JaiiPanda@ElleHolley@ashleyemmert@KhrystinaLee@EliseB@Dianabell@Isolate@sarabear1021@twistedpuppy@ScarletMermaid@jessicaacosta90 Tagging the challengers!:@sarsoosoo99@sosoaloraine23@Kieuseru@yeniyx23@AlyssaGelet818@Ercurrent@Vkookie47@taylorthetwist@AraceliJimenez@monicacerroblan@SusiBosshammer@SierraBecerra@frisky199123@Izab3lla@RaquelArredondo@NEOisRealo@MsLoyalHeart@EmilyGardner@ChelestiEdwards@BAbrajan1

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