Go'ing'fer Him Part 11

By the end of the day, your nerves are no less settled than at the beginning. Stupid, weird things kept happening. Items from your tool bag were disappearing and then showing up in various dressing rooms, in the middle of the set, on the stairs where someone could have fallen. You were glad there were so many people on site, always at least one or two with you that could vouch that you hadn’t been anywhere your items were found. Your belt was attached to you all day, that was the weird part. Was someone pick-pocketing you as a joke? It wasn’t funny, it was annoying and inhibiting your ability to do your job well.

2 PM acknowledge you with smiles, a word here or there if you are delivering anything to them. Above all they are professional and you repay that courtesy the same. As they are leaving the set, Chansung leans over and whispers in your ear. “The Emporer is waiting for you in the dressing room.” He then looks you in the eyes, smiles, and gives your arm a reassuring squeeze. “No worries, we all support you two,” and with that he wanders off towards the exit.

It took another twenty minutes before you had everything you’d been assigned accomplished and could wander over to the dressing rooms. You knock and hear a quiet, “Come” from the other side. You walk in to find a shirtless Junho playing around on his phone. You glance at your watch, he’s been in here for well over thirty minutes, is he hurt? Does he need help?

“Everything okay?” you ask, motioning to his shirtless, sexy self.

He smiles as he stands and heads in your direction. He takes a couple of steps past you, closes and locks the dressing room door. He turns, putting his back against the door and opens his arms.

“Come here.”

You don’t have to be asked twice. You’ve missed him coming over to bother you at lunch, the silly little pranks he does to get your attention when he isn’t performing. He lets out a moan as you wrap your arms around his waist and lay your head over his heart.

“I’ve missed you today,” he begins as he kisses the top of your head.

“How did your meeting go?” You don’t want to ask but you need to know the answer, after all it concerns you.

He squeezes you tighter, “Good. The guys are all behind me and my choice. JYP is just concerned that since the photographer ran that it might be an anti-fan. There isn’t a lot of security here on site so he wants us to act like we don’t know each other during the day. He’s hoping it will make them think it was a ‘heat of the moment’ thing and not go any further.” He leans back, taking your face in his hands, “But it just might kill me,” he says right before his lips find yours.

Kissing him is always a dangerous adventure, he invokes feelings and nerve endings you’ve only ever read about in books. But kissing him half naked? You’re about to melt into a puddle on the floor and are pretty sure you are only upright because he has a hold of you. When the moaning starts and the hands start to wander, he breaks the kiss off. Only heavy breathing and pants can be heard as he rests his forehead against yours and you both aim for normalcy.

When a few brain cells flicker back on you ask, “What’s with the apparel?”

He chuckles and spreads his arms to display himself. He starts walking around and posing, looking at himself in the mirror. “What? I swear the other night you liked my chest and abs,” he says with a deliberate smirk.

“I didn’t say I didn’t, who wouldn’t?” you silently drool while watching him in the mirror. “However, you’ve been sitting in here dressed like this for over thirty minutes, to what? Get a reaction out of me?” You snicker and roll your eyes, “Come on.”

He moves closer again, “I will use whatever I have available to get to you.”

He says it so seriously that you’re caught off guard and look up into his eyes. He pulls your Buddha out from your shirt and starts mindlessly stroking it. He is so intense right now that if he kissed you, there is no doubt that you would both end up naked on the floor. You swallow and back away, see his shirt and hand it over to him. Are you ready for that step yet? That will require a lot more thought.

He takes his shirt from you with a raised eyebrow. You shove your hands in your back pockets, and bite your lower lip to keep from reaching for him. “There is nothing wrong with your power of persuasion,” you begin and turn away. Unfortunately, you can still see him in the mirror as he slowly pulls his t-shirt over his head.

He smiles and comes up behind you, “I’m sorry Jagi,” he says, wrapping you in his arms. “I get wrapped up in how I feel for you and forget that you aren’t there yet.”

A knock at the door startles the two of you and you break apart. “Area clear?” You hear from the door and the handle jiggles.

“Coming,” he yells through the door and turns back to you. “Come home with me again?”

You nod as he unlocks the door and steps out to head to the parking lot.

You spend the next few minutes straightening up the dressing room. It isn’t your job but you figure it’s better to not leave the room directly after him. As you head out to your station you notice only the ghost lights are on. You glance at your watch, it isn’t that late already. Usually the security guard takes care of the lights on his first round. Lights are always left on until the building is clear; too much equipment laying around to trip over and dark corners that are security risks. Weird, but that’s the only thought that crosses your mind.

You grab your bag out of your locker and head for the parking lot to meet Junho. Little noises start up around you, you shake your head. The equipment makes settling noises and so does the building. Too many weird things happening today have you jumpy and it’s just silly. You get closer to the outside door when a noise directly behind makes you turn. Pain shoots through your jaw and you can feel yourself falling, than everything goes black.


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