[Vocals Week] The Best Audition Tapes

Sure, if you want to be a serious singer most of you would sign up for singing lessons - but that's NOTHING compared to the insane training idols have to go through.

without any of the idol training

Check out these incredible voices:

Park Bom's YG Audition

Hyorin's Starship Audition

Seo In Guk's JYP Audition

Taekwoon (Leo)'s F&C Audition

Taekwoon (Leo)'s Woolim Audition

Hani's JYP Audition

IU's JYP Audition

Who did I miss?! Who would you hire to your company? hahah!!!

This is the second week of Fantasy Kpop month! Please enjoy^^


Tagging everyone who was interested!


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