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so for my fan fics "that alien love" and "jin's love~" are both at part 4. I am planning to end one of them soon of course like a story always does. but my question is WHERE SHOULD I END IT?! I don't know what part it should be on so I thought why don't I ask my vingle family and people who are following my fan fics. so my "the alien love" and "jin's love~" fans..... where do you want me to end it and which story? comment! please (╥﹏╥) help me..... @keniaaxox@ewillsea @ninjamidori@momochamie @jessicavang@msloyalheart @nnatalieg@taehyungkey @twistedpuppy@sindyhernandez @VIPFreak2nE1@sarahdawish @sarahvandorn@sugalessjams @reyestiny93@maelyn@thepinkprincess@jessicacosta90 @kagamine381@moonchild03 @bibes19@passthesuga @jaiipanda@pretieeemm @serenitythao@superjuniorelf @bridgetjara@nykeaking @niahritaylor@kpopandkimichi @cutebabylay

Hey it's your alien 👽 talk to me anytime I'm here writing stories and fangirling over sexy Korean men
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