B Free really needs to chill

I still don't like him from when he disrespected RM and Suga and was trying to throw shade, though he has no room to. that was my first time even hearing about him and it started with me having no respect for him at all. he even talked about bitch slapping them. now he's talking shit about BTS, EXO, AND FANS! his comment on make-up was pretty much like trying to hit all the guy groups and soloists at once. none of them have done anything to you, let them do them. focus on your family and not on social media and whatever others are doing. why are you even trying to say someone else's sexuality when you don't even know them? and why would it matter if he's gay or not? i doubt he wants your rude ass. yea, they wear make-up. but did it hurt you? did you die? also, what he said to fans is just ugh! don't call someone a retard, don't ask them if they're "the nerd getting bullied at school without any friends", don't call someone ugly just cause they don't have a pic of themselves as their profile pic. i really hope your kids don't have your attitude. i hope he sees this and tries to come at me about it, i want him to know that he childish af. you a grown man acting like a damn child. grow up and stop trying to come at everybody. didn't you apologize before for the shit with BTS? do you not learn? ya, rappers tend to be seen as hardasses. hardasses, not jackasses. you supposed to act cool and not like you batshit crazy and out for blood. unless they start with you, don't start with them. set a damn example and stop being petty.

if any of y'all have a problem with what i said, let me know. we can talk about it, just don't start going crazy off the bat. here's a link to what had me making this card. http://www.koreaboo.com/netizens/korea-rapper-fire-insulting-bts-exo-fans/

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