How are you Celebrating International Women's Day?!

In case you missed it, today is international Women's Day (in part of the celebration of Women's History Month)..

Here are some ideas to get you going!

Share on Social Media (and Vingle) What you Love About Women!

I plan on sharing on my personal accounts and doing #SheInspiresMe shoutouts for my mom, friends, and influential women in my life.


I'm going to make my shoutout now to all my favorite lovely ladies on Vingle. Thanks for lifting me up and inspiring me to be better!!@jordanhamilton@AlloBaber@2Distracted@atmi @VeronicaArtino@1FallenAngel@TessStevens@alywoah@humairaa@shannonl5 (and all of the amazing women here on Vingle!)

Consume Women Media

On prime-time television shows (via broadcast, cable, or Netflix) in 2014-2015 season, only about 40% of speaking roles were women.

Only 14% of directors of television episodes are women, only 29% of television writers are women, and only 20% of the key behind-the-scenes roles in film are filled by women (think, cinematographers, editors, etc.).

The Kids are AlrightLost in TranslationsWhen Harry Met SallySingin' in the RainETNashvilleGirlsThe Mindy Project30 Rock

Learn about an influential Women in History (or now!)

There are plenty of women out there that we don't know did or are doing amazing things. Spend a part of today researching women in politics, arts, and science. See if you can find a future role model!

Meet The Women Who Changed Your Life


How will you be celebrating today??

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