Daily 4 way Battle Royal

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff She was a Russian agent trained as a spy, martial artist, and sniper, and outfitted with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including a pair of wrist-mounted energy weapons dubbed her "Widow's Bite".

Akame She is also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame, is one of the members of the assassination group, Night Raid. She initially makes a name for herself as the Empire's top ranking assassin. Akame's cold-hearted and serious demeanor when in combat stems from her hellish training the Empire forced her and her sister through after being sold by their parents. However, out of battle, she displays genuine concern for her comrades, shown when Tatsumi realises that she was worried for his life after he defeated Zank.

Cheshire aka Jade Nguyen She had an unhappy childhood and was sold into slavery. This trauma ultimately drove her insane, and paved her way into becoming one of the world's most ruthless mercenaries.

Chitaru Namatame is a former student of the Black Class who was in a competition with the other students of that class who were trying to kill Haru Ichinose where the reward is anything what that assassin may want. She and Hitsugi were thought to have died during the Romeo & Juliet play but it is later shown that she is still alive. The reason she came to Myojou Academy is because she was chasing an assassin known as Angel Trumpet, who killed her former teacher's daughter.

Ok everyone another round is here and this time it's all about girls. This one is Assassins and Mercenaries, let's see who'll win this one.

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