ATTN Vingle Anime! Publishing Collections to the Community!

Hey Nakama!

Just a friendly reminder here from your mod-in-chief of the Anime Community that you can (And should!) publish your collections to the community!

You know, those collections you've worked so hard building, adding cards to, and tracking the follower counts on? Those collections you've poured your heart and soul into, only to feel like it's not getting the attention it deserves?

Well, by publishing to the community, you make it easier for other people to see and follow it, and the cards you put into them!

But how do I publish a collection?

On the website, go to your profile page. This is mine as of right now ^. Click on the 'Collections' tab next to where it says Cover.

In the collections tab, find the collection you want to publish to the community. Only publish relevant collections! Click 'edit' under the collection title.

Under the Edit menu, scroll until you see where it says PUBLISH COLLECTION. From there you can enter the communities you want the collection to be published in!

It's that simple!

By publishing your collections you make it easier for people to find your stuff and give it the love it deserves!

So polish off those collections and publish them!

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