Three dogs are in the dog pound, a big dog, a little dog, and a medium sized dog. The big dog is bored of licking his nuts and looks over at the little dog and asks; "What are you in for?". The little dog says "Well, I bark all the time and i chew up everything and I shit on the floor. I think they are going to put me down." The big dog says; " Man that sucks." Then he asks the medium sized dog; " what are you in for?" The medium sized dog says; "Well, I am getting pretty old. What I eat I cant keep down and I dont see very well any more, and I am shitting all over the place as well. I think they are putting me down too." The big dog says; "That realy sucks." The little dog says to the big dog; "Well what are you in here for?" The big dog says; "The other day, I was laying on the floor lickin' my nuts, like I usually do. The master was taking a shower. When she got out of the shower and bent over to pick up her towel,.... well she has a nice ass! When she bent over I took advantage and pinned her up against the counter and gave it to her pretty hard!" "Holy shit!" says the little dog, "You're going down for sure eh!" "Naww" Says the big dog, "I'm gettin' my nails clipped!"

I'm a type 2 diabetic i love to cook eat read books
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