Miley Cyrus Lashes Out Amid International Women's Day Drama

She always has something to say.

Miley Cyrus is lashing back at the drama that has surrounded this years International Women's Day after Kim Kardashian West decided to post an almost completely nude selfie of herself...again. While West has been defending herself for the past 48 hours online by snapping back at celebrities on Twitter, posting her opinion on the matter within her app, and continuing to post more nude photos of herself from photoshoots, Cyrus has had enough.

Cyrus believes that all of the celebrity women are being "tacky" and need to come together to help those less fortunate because there are bigger things to worry about. Of course Cyrus always has a very bold way of spreading her opinions which is why her new post to Instagram was directly aimed at West. The sole reason we know this is because Cyrus didn't hide anything when the picture was an emoji from West's emoji app. LOL.

Cyrus wrote :

Does Cyrus have a point?

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