Miscommunation Part 9

Sunday morning dawns early, even though you have no reason to be up, your body decides it’s time. You hear the beep of the door as you make your way into the hall; since no one is in the living room you guess he must have left for the day. You smirk thinking that he couldn’t wait to get out after being cooped up all day yesterday. Mid-afternoon munchies strike, so you decide to make cookies. You can give half to the guards and save some for Junsu so that you only eat a few. Social media, schedule planning, arranging meetings, they only take as long as the cookies do to bake. You decide to see what new Kdramas are out there; something has to pass this day away, else the cookies will be gone and you’re scale will protest. After six back to back episodes you decide it’s time to move and stop acting like a slug. You change into your work-out clothes, wrap up half the cookies and head towards security. Do-yun and Joon-woo are always pleased to see you, especially with food. You joke around for a few minutes and then head to the practice room to loosen up your couch potato muscles. Junsu returns early from his busy day, finds the penthouse empty, and cookies on the counter. He makes his way back out to the security room where both guards are in front of the monitor to the practice room. He looks at them, down at the screen, and back to them. “Is this becoming a problem?” The both look at him, neither one feeling guilty. “What problem?" Joon-woo asks as he takes a bite of cookie. "I work out every day,” he states and shoves the rest of the cookie in his mouth. Junsu raises his eyebrow, “I meant this,” he says pointing to the monitor. Both men actually dare to roll their eyes at him. “What? It isn’t like we’re watching porn. Isn’t that why she’s here, so that we can keep an eye on her?” Do-yun replies and then high fives Joon-woo. Junsu shakes his head and takes a closer look at the screen. “Unmute it.” Block B’s Nalina blares through the room. “Leave it a minute,” he tells them. They both look at him strange, but do as he says. The song ends and the beginning strains of T.O.P.’s Doom Dada starts. Junsu’s only response is another raised eyebrow, but the guards see it and suddenly understand. “You thought she was only Cassie, didn’t you?” Joon-woo states. When he doesn’t get a response he continues; “Boss, she isn’t a saesang or an anti. You couldn’t tell that by spending Saturday with her? This is happening to her boss, she isn’t causing it.” He shakes his head, grabs another cookie and heads off to get a drink from the kitchen. Junsu claps Do-yun on the back and leaves the room while dialing his phone. Juno answers by the third ring. There isn’t much the twins don’t share, using Juno as a sounding board just makes since to him. He walks back into the penthouse, continuing his conversation in front of the skyline view. “Get a hold of her phone. If you really think she’s that bad, it will tell you. Look for things like: are there only your songs on it or is there a good mix? Are there only pictures of you? Like 500 pictures of you? Give her a chance, it sounds like you want to. Don’t let the past ruin this if you like her, she could simply be a fan, someone who appreciates your talent. They are known to exist dong saeng; get over yourself.” You're sweaty and tired, your only thought is taking a shower. You aren’t paying attention that there is anyone else in the penthouse. A movement by the windows startles you and as you turn you find Junsu standing at the windows smiling, hanging up his phone. You take your earbuds out, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were here.” “It’s fine,” he states and looks at you a moment, “headed for shower?" He pauses for a minute then quickly says, "Could I see your phone?” Well that’s a weird request but you aren’t hiding anything. Maybe they need to see if there’s a tracer on it; you simply shrug and hand it over. “Just unlock it like this,” you say as you show him your lock design and leave the room. When you return, your phone is on the coffee table along with the plate of cookies. Junsu is sitting in the middle of the couch flipping channels with a half eaten cookie in hand. He turns as you enter the room, “These very good,” he waves the cookie at you. “I can’t stop, I won’t fit my costume,” he mumbles as the rest disappears in his mouth. You kind of stand there and just stare at him. He pats the seat next to him, “Come, sit. You were watching this drama?” “I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation earlier,” you start to say as you sit down. He turns with a shrug, “It was my brother, conversation was over. This drama? Episode 7?” he turns to look at you in mock shock, “You did nothing today.” You look back at him in mock horror, “Excuse me?” You pick up the cookies doing your best Vanna impression, “Are these nothing?!?” He grabs another off the plate, “Okay, you did one good thing,” he admits as he takes an exaggerated bite. He starts your drama, grabs his stomach and moans. He is suddenly off the couch, plate of cookies in hand; headed out the front door. You watch in amusement as he returns minutes later with an empty plate and a big smile. “Mission Accomplished,” he states as he sits back down, just a little bit closer than before.


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