Kpop Playlist: Ballad Feelz <3 <\3

Where are all my Kpop ballad lovers at!? I love all genres of music & within Kpop there are sooo so so many amazing hit the feelz ballads out there!! SO many <3 I tried to refrain from having a huge list of songs here~ tried lol

Mul Deul Uh by Sungmin from Super Junior This is a cover song Sungmin performed live during past Super Shows....This song legit determined my 1st Kpop bias ever & he still holds the #1 spot for me cuz he is such a talented singer plus many many other talents he shows off in variety shows & such. This song has brought tears to my eyes before. Sungmin's musicality in this song is so past on point <333

Fear by Mino from Winner ft. Taeyang from BigBang What can I say here....this song is sooo powerful & really hits the feelz. Such a fantastic song produced by Zico from Block B & Mino plus others I think. So much emotion behind it & beautifully written musically

Beautiful by Amber 1st time I ever really heard Amber's vocals instead of rapping & I was in shock impressed. I love her voice & this song is beyond beautiful <3

At Gwanghwamun by Kyuhyun from Super Junior Ballad Kyu slays...<3 His vocals are beautiful & so is this song.

Solider by Taemim From Taemin's new album Press It <3 really really nice song & shows off his vocals very nicely...I wrote this choreo to this song, it doesn't do justice to Taemins dancing skills but I liked the song so much I wanted to do this~

Home by Roy Kim I heard this song live at KCON & it caught my attention. Roy Kim has some legit vocals ^^ This song hits the emotios for sure. I think it's cute that he wrote this song thinking of the view point of his dog that waits for him at home & greets him at the door.

If You by BigBang I love this. For basically the first time we got to hear TOPs vocals & all the members show off their vocals so nicely here. ^^

Last Leaf by Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE Yong Hwa is an awesome vocalist & he writes some really awesome songs! The melody in this song is gorgeous~ by KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) from Super Junior (I know I have a few SuJu songs on here already >< But I think SuJu has some amazing vocalist & ballad songs!) KRY specialize in ballad songs as a subunit of SuJu!

Let Me Know by BTS we all know how awesome BTS vocal line is & rap line nails this song along with them. I must say DAAAAMN Jimin's high note at the end though!! He is a very talented falsetto vocalist for sure. So much emotion behind this song too!

Colors by Day6 <3 I really love the melody, lyrics & musicality in this song!! I've been kind wanting to write choreo to this song too... Love Day6 vocals....

Nobody But You by BASTARZ from Block B We don't see the ballad type side of Block B too often but I love this song. B-Bomb is one of my favorite vocalists so I love that he really shows off his vocals with U-Kwon in this song <3 I still hope for the day Ukwon & B-Bomb perform this song & dance to it!! I always think of them performing this like Eunhyuk performed to Sorry Sorry Answer which I'll put below for reference cuz omg

Sorry Sorry Answer performance by Eunhyuk from Super Junior <3333 Fellow kpop ballad lovers what other amazing ballad songs belong in this playlist! & what are your favorite ballad songs? @Kpopandkimchi@ARMYstarlight@Michellelbarra@Morganelisabeth@belencitagarcia@baileykayleen@jiyongleo@chelseajay@madandrea@stevieq@kpossible4250@Vkookie47@amobigbang@sarahdarwish@sugafree@tracylynnn@Bekikunstman@sharayahtodd@chaerica@prettieeEm@xergaB20@ilennrocks@tigerlily84@kpopgaby@keziahwright@creetheotaku@tayunnie@ashleykpop@sarahvandorn@mandynoona@drummergirl691@katierussell@emilypeacock@sugaontop@thepinkprincess@jinsprincess86@nell03@moonchild03@stephanieduong@aubriepope@hajelf@rainac3@kchavens09@saraortiz2002@taetaebaozi@jojojordy2324@agentleo@sosoaloraine23@lexxcisco@emilygardner@lashonda0917@kwellnitz@nancyvongvilay@annahizaragoza@anniechang1545@ninjamidori@nenegrint14@morleecorielus@mrsbangyongguk@edwey66@amberg171997@deefran@kyky97@lolimbetter09@lilmnm@veronicaartino@vipfreak2ne1@christianliu@torchix@jungkookie1@destinabyrd@emealia@jessAS@kellyoconner@itsmari@heidichiesa@cindystran@vixenvivi@aimeeh@kiki29@roxy1903@lizanightshade@saraortiz2002

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