Biased Mom Seeking Feedback For Daughter Hiding Her Creative Talent!

So I'm taking a bit of a risk in doing this. My lovely 12 yr old daughter has been writing stories and drawing for quite some time. Yet she lacks confidence in showing her work to anyone other than a couple trusted people. I am Mom and so I know I'm biased. She also considers me biased so my praise is met with much skepticism and I understand that. I see SO many awesome talented artists here and thot I'd post a few drawings she's done just to get some feedback. My daughter never goes on my Vingle so I feel this is a safer place to post but more so cuz I know there are MANY other writers on here as well as artists that amaze me! Thanks

This is my favorite personally and is the cover picture to the story she is currently writing called "Colourless". I'm the only one she lets read each chapter of after she's done and I'm always left stunned that she 12 with her ability. She has 22 chapters written and the twists and turns or not predictable and yet Realistic. It's about a teen who loses both his parents and the trauma leaves him unable to see any color in life anywhere. He's got these 3 friends that are all so different yet close as brothers who help him thru his pain. It's very tragic but there is joy in it as well.I'm trying to convince her to let me post it here for some of the other creative talents to give feedback but NOPE not yet.

This is her first character she's drawn and is very nervous to show anyone. I think he's amazing! He also has a fox as his pet and a complete bio she wrote for him. Well I appreciate you taking time to look and any feedback would be appreciated!!! Thanks

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