Jealousy Ruined Me {A Suho Imagine}


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Life would never be the same again after jealousy first hit Suho. He couldn’t hold it back anymore, but with jealousy came love - or so he thought. Suho was in love with you, he craved you; but he was also immensely jealous of you. You had everything; supportive friends and family; the latest electronics; a mutual stance with everyone; you had such a good life and he fell jealous with no proper reasoning to why.

Suho sat in the seat beside you, flickering his pen on the table as he was in a completely different dimension. You were talking to the person beside you, giggling and whispering jokes as you were supposed to be writing a draft for your upcoming essay.

You didn’t see Suho as much more than a friend. He was a spectacular person but nobody really took him into account which really sucked. You wanted him to socialize more because he was such a genuine person that everyone loved in a mutual way, but you want him to become bigger and more cared for as he cared for everyone else.

“Um, Y/N?” Suho peeped as you just finished a short conversation with your friend beside you.

“Yes?” You smiled willingly at him.

“When is this due? Wednesday or Thursday?”

“Thursday I’m sure. Haven’t you been listening? Mr. Sine mentioned it three times during this lesson.” You giggled at how zoned out Suho looked.

“Yeah I was in my own world.” Thinking about you... He laughed.

“Fair enough.” You shrugged before turning back to your papers, re-reading the last few lines you’d written earlier.

“What are you up to?” He asked curiously.

“Just finishing the third paragraph then I’ll move onto the fourth before next class.” This was just another thing Suho was immensely jealous of; your quick and intelligent work ethic. You were one of the brightest and most work efficient students throughout the entire school.

His fists balled and he sighed deeply.

“Gee, you’re fast. I’m only at paragraph 1.” He said in monotone, not impressed at all. You didn’t really have anything to say to that, so you just kind of blushed and smiled a little. You didn’t catch onto Suho’s tension and jealousy that’s for sure.

“What do you have next period?” You asked out of absolutely nowhere.

“Free period.”

“Ah, same.” You replied with a smile.

“Oh, really! Don’t you usually have English?” Suho knew your timetable pretty well. You were close friends and in saying that, you kind of already knew he had a free next period.

“No, the teacher is away and wants us to sit the essay when she’s here so she gave us a free.” Suho nodded his head with a pleasing smile.

“Well if you wouldn’t mind, could you help me with this essay during your break?”

“Sure.” You nodded before going back to your work, twirling your pencil as you wrote down the draft as quick as you could; getting ever single little bit of information and ideas onto that paper.

You’d never worked with Suho before, therefore this was going to a very intriguing experience.

“Thanks.” He smiles, flickering his pencil, lightly tapping it down onto the paper.

The period soon ended strangely, a tension still filling the atmosphere between Suho and yourself.

“Hi Y/N, Hey, Hey…” The greetings were never ending for you, all you could do was wave at everyone who greeted you. Suho awkwardly stood beside you, his face dropping with anger. Why do I have to love her so fucking much to also hate her due to jealousy?

Suho was frustrated and angry to the point where he wanted to punch the next person who walked past and said something to you, especially if it was a male.

The hallway soon cleared but Suho was still in misery.

“So, do want to do it over lunch or should we go to the library?” You asked cheerfully. He didn’t say a words, his actions always spoke louder for him. He took your wrist and pulled you into the janitors closest.

“What... Why?” You could finish your words as you were drowning with the words pouring out of Suho’s mouth.

"Y/N, I love you so much, but I am so fucking jealous of you.” Your eyes enlarged at the words, listening carefully so you didn't miss any.

“You’re so gorgeous and intelligent and everybody loves you and I can’t help but be so jealous of you. But I’m also madly in love with you. And I hope you don’t mind, but I need to show my feeling towards you.” He held you in his arms, kissing you deeply and passionately. He bumped and grinded dryly up against you, causing your sexual hormones to jump and go crazy.

“Suho, this is so wrong.” You say as Suho’s hands massage your breast through your shirt. He didn’t reply with words, his lips were planted onto yours and entwined with passion. You throw your arms around his neck as he pressed you up against the wall of the store room.

“I need you Y/N. I envy you so fucking much but I’m so crazily in love with you. Let me have this one chance to display my true feelings for you.” Suho’s shirt had now become undone and his belt was loosely dangling around his pelvis.

His hand crept up your thigh as he finished speaking. His fingers gently touching the skin of your thighs, caressing your clit through your panties. You bit your lip, hiding the moan that was bound to occur sometime soon.

“It’s not safe.”

“Nobody will know; I’ve locked the door.” He winks, before going into for another deep and passionate kiss.

You gave up the anxiety and replaced it with the thrill of the moment. Just do it. You thought as you kissed Suho with every inch of loving you gathered from the very bottom of your heart.

“Ahh. Suho.” You moaned between breaks as his hand pulled down your panties and yanked down your skirt pooling at your ankles. His fingers were rubbing your clit as the dipped in at your entrance as a tease. The ecstasy was there, but only the beginning.

“I want you to fuck me.” You subconsciously say without thinking twice. Suho chuckled, pulling off his pants and his briefs, revealing his large, erect cock that stood before you.

Suho took the packet from his pocket and tore it open revealing a condom. He rolled it onto himself as you began to become impatient, wanting him so freaking bad.

Suho didn’t want waste any time considering there wasn’t much time until the next period, so everything he did was quick and efficient.

"Ahh! Suho!” You moaned, trying to kept as quiet as possible as he pushed himself into you.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He confirmed again, lifting you up onto the bench beside you.

He took you by your hips and began to thrust deeply into you, stretching you to for fill his lengthy member. He began to suck on your nipples as he pulled them from your bra.

“Mhm Suho!” You rubbed your fingertips through his hair as he grinded into you and continued to fuck you into oblivion.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said as he took a quick break from massaging your breasts with his soft lips.

“I love you Suho, I love you so much, just don’t stop.” Your vision began to turn black from the constant pounding and it took almost all your willpower to not scream Suho's name for everyone to hear.

You were in love with Suho, but could never dare to admit it to yourself until now. Until the moment where he was in one of three storeroom, fucking you up against the bench.

Suho pulled his face from your chest and began to think about his thrusts, pushing more power into them causing you to moan a hell of a lot more. He thrusted faster and harder all at once. So much for staying quite as the things around you began to fall and shake.

“That feels so damn good!” You continued to hiss into his eat under your breath trying so hard now to be loud.

“You feel so damn good.” Suho smirked as all he could feel was your tight walls crushing his cock. He made sexy eye contact with you before thrusting even faster into you. You can't resist grabbing his lips for a short second before he grabs the back of your hair pulling you back as he runs his tongue up your neck.

“Suho! Fuck yes!” He wouldn’t stop as the pleasure got the better of him, moving faster to reach peek faster. Then he quickly thought of something a lot more convenient. Suho pulled out from you, rubbing himself to stay hard.

“Turn around.” You obliged without any further questions and felt Suho’s hands grab your ass firmly. He pushed himself back inside of you as you held yourself, leaning over the bench.

“Oohh! Suho don’t stop! Keep fucking me like that!” You could feel your juices leaking down your inner thighs and onto the latex before Suho’s length. He could feel his orgasm coming on eagerly fast.

“OHH! Suho! I’m gonna come.”

“Come on me Y/N.” He continued to thrust deeper, your walls pulsating quickly around his member. You moaned loudly, gripping the edge of the bench before releasing everything onto Suho. Your fluids swept from you, drenching Suho’s condom. Your body also twitched as sensitivity got the better of you.

You pulled Suho out of you leaving him with one question.

“What am I suppose to do now?” He wasn’t complaining, he was more so confused. You didn’t say anything; dropped to your knees and remove the condom, tying a knot in it before throwing it over into the cleaners bin.

You lips pursed up against the tip of Suho’s member before beginning to suck him off.

“Ahh!” He grumbled as he tucked your hair away and out of your face. You had no idea what was happening, you were just doing whatever was on your mind right then and there, and this apparently was it.

“Shit your mouth is so good baby. I'm bout to-” Suho was pulsating, thrusting slightly into your mouth as you moaned out onto his cock.

Suddenly, Suho released seeds into your mouth, a clear white liquid desperately escaping into you. You rolled it around in your mouth before spitting into a bin near you.

“Oh my god. That was amazing.” He sighed with a smirk on his face.

“Are you still jealous of me?” You were hoping for a yes there which was dished out evidently.

“I will never stop being jealous of you.” He said pulling you close to him. “And I will never stop loving you.”

Because with jealousy, comes love.



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