{WW} Lucy Heartfilia


This weeks Waifu Wednesday theme is Fairy Tail girls. Brought to you by@hikaymm ! I've actually featured Fairy Tail girls on my WW cards in the past. And this probably wont be the last time either. Theres just so many good girls in this anime! But anyway, for this weeks special WW I chose Lucy Heartfilia. I like Lucy because she's super cool! She is a celestial spirit wizard and she opens the gates of her spirit friends using magical gate keys. Shes super kind and pretty. Shes loyal and she loves the Fairy Tail guild. She would risk her life if it meant saving one of her guild members. Especially Natsu am I right? But thats another story. Anyway here are some pictures of Lucy.

Also here are some pictures of her spirits and their keys.

And Finally, one of the most important parts, the fan service! yes!


Well thats my Waifu Wednesday for this week. Comment your thoughts questions or concerns! Tune in next week for another Waifu Wednesday! Also, out of all of Lucy's celestial spirits, which one is your favorite? Mine is Taurus

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