Sound-Off Thursday: When Is Chivalry Too Much?


Men are always told they need to be gentlemen, but does ever get on your nerves?


When Guys Hold the Door

But it could be SO MUCH EASIER if you just went through the door first! GO WITH THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC! Its a sweet gesture but you're slowing me down, man!


When Guys Help Reach High Shelves

Also a very nice gesture but my favorite activity when I worked at the library at my university was climbing up the shelves to get the top books. I felt like a ninja. LET ME DANGEROUSLY SWING FROM THE BOOK SHELVES.


When Guys Try to Pay Every Time

I just...I don't know. I make money, you make money, we both ate a meal...

I'm always down to spilt OR I pay for the next meal or dessert or coffee or something. I can pay my own bills thank you!


I'm not saying I don't love seeing a man treat a lady right (and vice versa) but sometimes I just want people to let me do my thing.

What do you guys think? Is chivalry ever annoying?

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