GOT7 30 Days Challenge: Día 4 & 5

Okis mi are both day 4 and 5. Day 4: Who was the first member to catch my eyeseu?

Ahhh, Youngjae..I'm a total creep. I'm so sorry jaja but you shouldn't have caught my poor eye sight. The last photo is my absolute favorite..I love his eye smile and his face and more.

Day 5: What member would I want to be best friends with? -Well I choose H) all of the above because you just can't chose one pero if I had to choose one then Junior it is... One porque I literally picked his name from a hat (I couldn't pick one) and two we share the same cumple!! (wepaaaaaaaa!)

So, always must thank my little Vingle familia and chingus: @luna1171@PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @moonchild03 Besos.

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Love KNK, KARD, SVT, BTOB, BAP, BTS, GFRIEND, AOA, MAMAMOO!!!!! -And more groups!! Sooooo Please join me in my loco adventures of this world. Sólo una latina que le tiene un amor increíble a los coreanos y sigo aprendiendo de los demás. I love reclipping my Vingle's family posts. Disfruta. (My English isn't still very good looking but definitely better) 파이팅. *Multi-fandom*
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