Have You Seen Lady Sif's New Series Yet?

Okay, that's not really her name.

The actress that plays Lady Sif in the Thor movies is Jaimie Alexander, and I am embarrassed to say that I've been watching her kick butt in her new tv series for an entire season without realizing who she was. Whoops? Maybe I was distracted by how cool this show is though...

I give you: Blindspot!

I don't want to spoil anyone...

So spoiler-free review: The show is pretty catchy. The characters could use a little more individual development, but they're all relatable and interesting. And while sometimes the plot goes a little off the deep end, it's not predictable.

Basically, if you didn't get enough of Lady Sif in the Thor movies, you can watch her modern counterpart playing the hero in Blindspot.


Anyone else watching this series?

I.... I might need someone to talk to about it. Asap!

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