Levi Ackerman (heartthrob part 7)


time for another heartthrob and I chose none other than our beautiful survey corps member..... CAPTAIN LEVI ACKERMAN from Attack On Titan!!!!

Levi has short black hair fashioned into an undercut and narrow, intimidating, grey/blue eyes, and a deceivingly youthful face. he is short but has a rather muscular physique. he is usually seen frowning or expressionless. with his extremely calm demeanour its hard to figure out what he is thinking. he is 160 cm and 65 kg ( 5 feet 2 inches and 143.3 lb)

he is often seen in his survey corps uniform ,with a white button up shirt underneath along with his trademark white cravat. He is described as a "clean freak" but doesn't hesitate to touch filth if he deems necessary. he is abrasive and unapproachable.

please feel free to request a heartthrob for next time , leave your request in the comments or send me a message!!

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