Shuffle Playlist Challenge

Lemme first just say this is my first card in a long time now... wow. I didn't realize just how long I'd been away from Vingle until recently. Short short explanation is I needed some me time away from all my various sns. But I'm back now and would like to thank everyone who continued to tag me in cards and comments and not forgetting me! Thanks lovely bunnies! Alrighty now back to the original purpose of this card! It was pretty fun and some of my results made me laugh so yeah. Not sure who tagged me first but I know@ArmyofKookie and@jessicaacosta90 did recently. ^^ thanks bunnies!

1. How You Die / Last Romeo ~ INFINITE

...erm crazy boyfriend kills me maybe?

2. Your Love Life / Like A Fire ~ SHINee

*cough cough* well then

3. Will Play At Your Wedding / Lady Luck ~ EXO

Thinking this is more suited to the wedding night lol

4. Add 'In My Pants' To End Of Title / Transformer ~ EXO

I refuse to comment on this one...

5. Will Play at Your Funeral / What Am I To You? ~ History

well I'll be dead so it doesn't really matter now does it?

6. Add 'With a Shovel and Screwdriver' to end of title / What Is Right? ~ Big Bang

not that it's right but that sounds like murder

7. Describes Your Week / Hurricane ~ B.A.P

well freckin A that sounds just peachy

8. Your Theme Song / Breakdown (Supreme Mix) ~ Epik High

that's an awesome theme song (love Epik High!)

9. Will play when you think of someone you love / Paradise ~ INFINITE

well that's depressing

10. Will play when you miss someone / Walkin' ~ Super Junior

I guess that works

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