Is "Hey, Donnelly" The New ‘Damn, Daniel??’

Damn Daniel was an HUGE internet craze.

It was unique, exciting and refreshing. Sadly, when the bright lights hit Daniel outside of the video, he seemed overwhelmed with the pressure.

As that moment is dying out, everyone is wondering "who's the next "Daniel?"

Have no fear everyone, as the internet has produced another big moment, with the "Hey Donnelly" internet video.

So, what do we know so far?

His name is Donnelly, and he’s an “army bro” who’s currently stationed in Hawaii. We don’t know much about him yet, but what we do know is that he seems like a fun-loving dude who likes to eat, drink…and dig holes on the beach.

Donnelly seems hilarious and exciting, but his unnamed partner in crime may be a star in the making. His facial gestures and unreal loyalty make this skit go.

What do you think? Could "Hey Donnelly" be the next "Damn Daniel?"

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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