I'm Your Number One.... {A GDragon Oneshot}


**Dedicated to @BBxGD** This one's for you my friend :)


Due to his busy schedule, you’ve practically given up on ever being able to go on an actual date with Jiyong. You understand that he’s a working man and it’d be like jumping into fire if you two went out on a date and were caught, but you can’t help but want to do the things that couples do!

One day, after waking up a little later than usual, you check around the apartment to see the chances GD was still around. But nope, it was completely empty. You sigh a little, feeling disappointed you didn’t get to see your boyfriend this morning but your eye catches on something resting on the kitchen counter. You pick it up and read it, instantly recognizing your boyfriend’s handwriting:

“When you’re ready, come down to the basement parking lot and look for my car. - Your awesome boyfriend”

You smile and feel giddy, wondering what he had planned. He was always the best at surprises and never failed to blow you away. You hurried downstairs to the parking lot and immediately went towards his car. As you got closer, you couldn’t see anything different about it until you spotted another note, tucked behind the windshield wipers. You picked it up and it read:

“Yah! You are always so slow! Get into the passenger seat of the car. Hurry! - Your now extremely impatient boyfriend”

You giggle to yourself and quickly go to the passenger side of the car and open the door, half expecting something to pop out at you but nothing does. You slide in and close the door shut behind you when you notice another note resting on the dashboard. When you read it, it simply said to close you eyes. You looked at the note curiously, but did what you were told. In less than a second, you felt a silky material rest over your eyes and wrap around your head. You can’t help but yelp in surprise, but you immediately hear his voice, calming your racing heart.

“Shhh, it’s just me. Now stay still.” He said from the backseats and you could hear the smile in his voice. After he tied the blindfold, you could hear him get out of the car and enter again, this time in the drivers seat.

“Are we going somewhere?” You ask, just as the engine came to life.

“That date I keep promising you.” He said while helping you buckle your seatbelt. Before you could ask where, he gave you a peck on the cheek and cut you off, “It’s a secret.”

You pout but eventually smile as you feel the car move and drive up and out of the parking lot. The whole car ride consisted of you two chatting like you usually do and laughing together. It turns out that GD asked for the rest of the day off to surprise you and was hiding in the back seat of his car for hours because you didn’t wake up earlier. You couldn’t tell where you were going or how long the car ride was exactly but you soon felt the car come to a stop.

“We’re here. You can take off your blindfold now. And look straight ahead.” He said with clear excitement in his voice. You did as you were told and was welcomed by the sight of pink, orange, yellow, and blue. It took you a while, but you soon realized that you were staring at the beginning of a sunset that was resting on top of the ocean. Your mouth dropped at the beautiful view of the beach, the way the waves crashed on shore, the reflection of the colors from the sun on the water.

“Oh my gosh! This is beautiful. I can’t believe it!” You said excitedly while jumping up and down in your seat. You turned to your boyfriend, who was quiet next to you, “How did you kno—” But you were stopped by the breathtaking view of your boyfriend.

The way the sun was hitting his face and eyes. Those same eyes looking at you as if he were capturing images of your ever move and ever expression. The only word to describe it was that it was a look full of love. You couldn’t help but blush under his stare, but he helped you recover by placing a baseball cap on your head.

“There’s not that many people out, but you should wear this just in case.” He said while positioning the hat in the most stylish way and tucked strands of your hair behind your ear. He then put on a beanie over his hair and wore sunglasses and a face mask.

When he was ready, you could see him smile at you from behind the mask before he got out of the car, went around it and opened your door for you. He reached out his hand to help you get out of the car, and held onto it tightly leading you towards the beach.

Walking hand in hand in public was so refreshing and exhilarating. You two have never been able to do this before. You two walked along the beach slowly, occasionally talking about how you two first met, your first impressions of each other, how hard he tried to court you and convince you that you two could work. You still couldn’t believe you could be here with him right now, doing things that couples do.

It was quite windy and sand kept blowing into your eyes and face but you didn’t want to complain, in fear it would ruin the perfect moment you two were experiencing. But of course, nothing gets past him. He first takes off his sunglasses and puts it on for you.

Then, to your surprise, he takes off his mask and helps stretching it around you nose and mouth.

“Wait, Jiyong. You’re completely exposed now.” You say trying to stop him, but he just smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t care anymore.” He says, still adjusting your mask so that it fit comfortably on you, “I don’t want to have to keep hiding you away. You’re something I’m most proud of, I want to show you off as the person I love.”

“But your fans...” You try to protest but a strong gust of wind blows by, taking the mask with it. Jiyong immediately tries to catch it but it tumbles onto the sand and stops in front of someone’s feet.

Your breath stops when you see it’s a girl around your age, someone who could most definitely know who G-Dragon was. She picks up the mask and hands it to GD with a smile and you felt as stiff as a rock, waiting to spot the recognition in her eyes. But it never came, she just smiled again and walked away as if he was just a normal person. When he returned to you, you could tell that he was just as surprised as you were.

“She didn’t recognize you…?” You said but it was more of a statement as the idea sinks in. GD didn’t respond and just stared off into space. Suddenly, you see a flash of determination on his face. The same look he’d have before a performance or when writing a new song.

“What are you thinking?”

“I have to make her my fan.” He said abruptly before turning towards where the girl walked off to, “If she doesn’t know who I am, I will make her! And she’ll become my biggest fan!”

You gape at him and grab a hold of his arm, “No! I can’t believe you! I won’t let you!” You turn and pull him with all your might in the opposite direction, “Plus, I'M your biggest fan. That should be enough for you!”

You suddenly hear him laughing from behind you. “Awwww you're my number one fan?”

You turn to shoot him the deadliest glare you could muster but was distracted by the feeling of something cold and hard on your finger. When you look down you see a silver ring around your ring finger. He extends his hand out next to yours, letting you see the same exact ring on his own finger.

“For my number one fan… it’s a gift for always supporting and loving me.” He said softly and held your hand, making you look up at him. He bridged the distance between the two of your and cupped you face with his other hand.

“Thank you.... and I love you.” He whispered before taking your lips with a passionate kiss.



To all the Jiyong lovers out there!!! I hope you enjoyed the fluffiness ^.^



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