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I thought a fun way to share beauty tips is to do a makeup routine challenge. Spring is coming soon and with that weather changes occur. Therefore some.of us may have to change our makeup routine to adjust to the climate change.


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Clean Face

First I start with a clean face. I use a gentle cleaner if I want to feel squeaky clean, but for most days I just use Simple Clean Micellar Water Wipes.

BB Cream

Don't judge but I don't use primer. I did use smash box oil primer in the winter, but now I can get away with using my Dream Fresh BB Cream by Maybelline in the color deep. I live by this product. It gives me a dewy sheer look while hydrating my skin. I use my elf blending brush to apply.


Sometimes I skip this step if I'm wearing glasses. Sometimes my BB cream does enough for me. I use Pure Mineral Concealer by Ruby Kisses. This is lighter than the LA Pro Concealer. I use the color Golden Honey. I bought this at my local beauty store for like 2.99. I love the applicator. However, I use my blending brush by elf once I apply it.


Next while my BB cream and concealer sits I do my eyeshadow. I've been in love with the in Bloom Tartelette palette by Tarte. I love these colors, because you can do a natural or dramatic look with this whole palette. I apply mascara if I'm not wearing glasses. I love L'Oréal Miss Manga and Miss Manga Rock.


Before I even put on my BB cream I apply my Baby Lips by Maybelline. This feels great and conditions my lips before I apply any lip gloss or liquid lipstick.

Lips Continued

I usually use a natural lip gloss for the day and add a darker lip color at night. I usually use NYX Butter lip gloss in Crème Brulee or Tiramisu. When I want a bold lip I will use ABH Weekend Barbie.


Then I will add my powder. I just dip lightly run my brush across my MAC Studio Fix Powder.

Lastly, I spray my setting mist from elf. I love this stuff!

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