Watch Conan Go Toe-to-Toe w/ UFC Champ Conor McGregor

Sure, Conor McGregor recently lost in the octagon. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy watching a virtual version of himself (controlled by the real version of himself) beat the crap out of Conan O'Brien, right? I love all of these Clueless Gamer segments that Conan puts on his show from time to time. But all of these episodes made me realize something.

Even though Conan isn't really an avid gamer, he's still been in more video games than any other late-night talk show host. I can't list all the games he's ever been in but I know I've seen that lanky fool pixelated at least 5 different times.

Anyway, the fun of this installment of Clueless Gamer comes from the way Conor McGregor completely obliterates Conan every time they play. Their back and forth banter is hilarious and it's obvious that the two are having fun even though Conan is losing constantly.

As for the game though, I'm not sure if it's worth a day-one purchase but hey, at least it got some awesome marketing through Conan's show, right?

I also took a screenshot of virtual Conan's beat up face because -- as a horrible person -- seeing that made me chuckle the most. I've left it for you below to look at and maybe you'll get as much of a laugh out of it as I did.

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