does she even notice that I'm here ...

Oh shit she's looking over here.

Ayeee girl

Heyy there

Oh she noticed me...

I thought no one noticed me...

boy are you serious have you've seen your self...........you fiiinnee asf

ahahaha (you guys no how he laughs right)


I don't know guys what do you think of this I want too do other K Idols but Idk if I'm good at this...

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Hiii😁✌ there im a high school student...who loves💕 kpop and kdrama. #multifan also i am a 1D fan,5sos fan,TheVamps fan basically i love boy bands no matter what race😁👌💕#MusicIsLife im also a soon to be singer/songwriter/nail technician💋.💏🎉 #internationalfansproblems
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