Because...why not? Creeping on your bias challenge Mr. Xiahtic

Because I'm currently writing a fan fic about him, I thought I had the pics needed - wow, not by far. Kind of sad how easy it was to find all these, they have no private life. =[

1. Bias in sunglasses

2. Bias selca

3. Bias drinking

4. Bias with messy hair

5. Bias in red

6. Bias pre-debut

7. Bias shirtless

8. Bias singing

9. Bias being sexy

10. Bias at airport


11. Bias laughing

12. Bias in Black

13. Bias photo shoot

14. Bias peace sign

15. Bias winking

16. Bias Aegyo

17. Bias Black hair

18. Bias eating

19. Bias at fan event

20. Bias Sleeping

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