Might Have Maybe Got My Other Sister Into K-Pop??


I decided to watch old bangtan bombs tonight with my younger sister and we watched the runaway in the hallway one, the video where they danced to tricky, then the other one where they see each other and go "yaaaaa!" walking backwards xD & the one where they lip sync eyes, nose and lips cx my older sister was really into the bomb where they danced to tricky; she couldn't look away and bc of that, I was kind of happy :) then about an hour later she tells me "oh, can you download more of that k-pop on my phone? I want new songs to listen to." and I was like YESSSS OF COURSE ANYTHING TO DRAG YOU TO THE K-POP SIDE. and right when I was about to start, she says, "oh and download every bts song ever!" I sat there quietly, but I was internally screaming!! IT WAS A SUCCESS HAHAHA

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