A Tiger's Stripes Ch. 5

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A Kim Jong Kook Fan Fiction 5 "Annyeonghaseyo," he says now noticing you in the hall and bowed lightly. He was tall and pretty toned from your view. You assume he was heading to the gym before returned in this direction. Slowly closing the gap he can now easily tell you're a foreigner. "uh, Hello," he corrects himself looking at you curiously. You can tell he found you interesting looked by the double-take he was giving you. You had to admit you didn't care because you giving a one, two look over yourself. He was really attractive. He had to be around your age or older, sporting a thin mustache and 5 o'clock shadow around his chin. You were curious yourself, was he staff or celebrity? "Hello," you wave awkwardly to the man not sure if you should bow, or introduce yourself in English or the little Korean you knew. "Ah, annyeonghaseyo, Choi ChaSoo ssi," Mr. Kim finally spoke. The door to your new home open and your luggage over the barrier. They bowed to each and you watched the exchange. The man said something in Korean and glanced back at you. "Ah, dae," you understand Mr. Kim say then more Korean and gestures to you as you hear him say your name. "Annyeonghaseyo, (Y/N) ibnida," you greet and bow. "한국어를 말할 수 있습니까," (You speak Korean?) His face alight with pleasure. "아주 조금만." (Only a little.) "We'll it was nice meeting you," in perfect english. 나중에 봅시다, 김광인,"(See you Kim KwangIn ssi) Mr. Choi says before entering his home. Well here we are, this is your code and key," Mr. Kim hands you a piece of paper and an interesting looking key. You look at it confused then back at him. He demonstrates how it works and you conclude it would be easier and faster to just use the key. However, Mr. Kim informs you that its also wise to commit the pin number to memory in case you leave your keys somewhere or lock yourself out.

****Pix of Apartment**** (Sorry couldn't find a bathroom pic. Just understand since the living room and kitchen are "Lavish" in my opinion, the bedroom and restroom a pretty standard/below standard to accommodate.) -ENF2 You're amazed at the look of the apartment after assuming it would be a one room dorm since it was apart of the company building. You naturally take your shoes off at the door which was your ritual at your own home. Still observing the view for the entrance you felt excitement. "I volunteered to be your translator today because your assigned guide couldn't, so you have use of me all day," Mr. Kim informs. "The company only stocked the fridge with water, not knowing what you'd prefer. We can go grocery shopping now, if you'd like."

And I'll end it there. Author's Note: hehe, sorry (Not Sorry - DEAN) that I cliffhanger'd ya into think it was KJK Oppa, I fought myself on if it should but he most definitely does not work for this company so he doesn't live there. Hope you understood that from the story thus far. This is kinda the size I want for all the "chapters". I dk about y'all but I'm slightly impressed with myself. I gave myself time to write and add and edit and proof. Still not to the standards I like reading from others but I say this is better than the last installment.

Any who its getting to the point where my Author's Notes are longer than the story so Stay tuned for more Its your favorite K-Pop/ K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤ Shyly Tagging: @RedChord@Sailynn@OliviaEdwards

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