Daily 4 way Battle Royal

John Constantine He is an occult detective from Liverpool, England. His violent and anti-social attitude makes him a formidable anti-hero, and he's known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

The Enchantress The Enchantress's parentage is unknown, though it is known she was born in Asgard and has a sister by the name of Lorelei. Amora began learning magic as an apprentice of Karnilla, Queen of the Norns, but was eventually banished. She continued learning magic on her own, notably by seducing others well versed in magic and learning their secrets.

Grey Fullbuster He uses Static Ice-Make, meaning he can shape his ice into inanimate things or weapons. Ice-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of Magic, coming in useful both in battle, for offensive and defensive purposes, and outside of it.

Miroku He can attack enemies with his khakkhara and sutra scrolls, but his greatest weapon is the Wind Tunnel(風穴 Kazaana?) embedded in the palm of his right hand, which is actually a hereditary curse originally inflicted upon his grandfather by Naraku.

Ok guy's this one is a combo of magic and exorcist to see who would win. On this one I really dont know who would win but i think i know who some of you are gonna pick.

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