for today's "K-Star Saturday" I'd like to dedicate this card to Choi Seung Hyun.

He's Going into the army very soon, and I want to wish him well. and pray that he stays safe.

I can thank Him for getting me into K-pop Because the Second I saw his Gorgeous Face, I was hooked. Thank you TOP.


Facts about TOP:

His real name: Choi Seung Hyun.

Nickname: Tempo

Birthday: November 4, 1987.

height: 6'0

Blood type: B

Languages: Korean, Japanese.

Hobbies: Reading, swimming, writing lyrics.

-Despite his Rapper image, T.O.P is EXTREMLY playful.

-He was childhood friends with G-Dragon, but once GD moved away the two became distant. But once YG was looking for candidates for the creation of BIGBANG, GD called him and recorded several demos to be sent to YG. He was later contracted to audition.

-When Auditioning for YG, he was turned down because he was Overweight. a month later he auditioned again with a slimmer and more toned body and Got in.

-He along side G-Dragon formed a sub unit titled "GD&TOP."

-He Wrote "Oh Mom" on the "GD&TOP" album about a fan who had cancer and Died.

- he has an older sister.

- he is the First Korean artist to have his song release worldwide on iTunes with "Turn it up Loud."

-If he stares at you, You Die.

-Yang Guk Suk Originally gave him the stage name "Mark" but it was thrown away once label mate SE7EN came up with the name TOP.


TOP Quotes:

" I'm the Type that Hates doing anything that I decide to do half Heartedly."

" you don't have to try to be sexy. Nothing is more attractive than your natural self, the way you are."

"I'm trying to become a person who I've been imagining as my hero since I was very Little."

"When I fall in Love, I will be so into the point of losing my reason."

" when I am in front of the camera or on a stage, I always want to covey my messages to the audience with my Eyes."

"Honestly speaking, I think I've always had some days when I want to run away."

"on stage, I'm TOP and in Dramas I have to act out a character. so when I put all that out of my mind and calmed myself down, I Thought, 'Who am I Really?' for a Long period of Time, I felt that I didn't know myself."

Tagging other TOP fans out there. I am so sorry if I missed anybody.


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