Robinson Cano: Pass Or Nab In Fantasy Baseball?

Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone prepare for this upcoming season!

Over the past five years, Robinson Cano has been one of the hardest players to rank in fantasy baseball. He is a guy who grabbed high name value due to high production on a big market team a couple years ago, but since his move to Seattle, things haven't been the same.

With drafts on the way soon, should Robinson Cano be one of the guys you invest in if he's available?

Lets look at his numbers last year:

287 avg, 21 Homeruns and 80 RBI.

Those are solid numbers, depending on when you pick him. But for a guy who has been considered a top 30 talent over the past five years, I must admit, those numbers are average at best.

If you dig a bit deeper, some troubling numbers come to light as well. Last year, he had his lowest mark total in 5 years (43) and his highest strikeout total ever (107). This tells me one of two things:

1-Bat speed has regressed

2-Player had a handful of slumps.

The wild part about it is, that he still hit close to 290 avg with a high strikeout rate. I think it was more of a case of pressing in the midst of slumps.

If Seattle continues to improve the bats around him, his RBI numbers could increase. I'm not sure if he's a cleanup hitter, but #3 in the order is fine. He can produce solid numbers there.

I say grab Cano, but only if he slips outside the top 50-60. The simple fact is there aren't too many good 2nd baseman in baseball.



What do you think? Should people invest or pass on Robinson Cano in fantasy baseball in 2016?

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