Yasiel Puig: Fantasy Baseball's Biggest Mystery

Hey guys! Back with some fantasy news updates to help my fellow GM's prepare for upcoming drafts!

Two years ago, Yasiel Puig was one of the best surprises in fantasy baseball. He stormed on the scene in year one, hitting 319' with 19 home runs and 42 RBI in 100 games. For a small sample size, this guy was a monster.

Since then, Puig has been a mystery. Injuries and off field issues have thrown his game (and team at times) into quite a funk.

So the question is: should we invest in Yasiel Puig for our fantasy baseball leagues?

At the moment, ESPN has Puig ranked at 106. That's WAY too low in my opinion.

In a 12 man league, that's saying you can nab him in the 8th round. If Puig is your 8th best player, you are in amazing shape.

I know why people are down on Puig. He has gained a bit of weight and is a headache in the locker room. But I think with a new coaching regime, things could change. He also only played 79 games last year. If he can stay healthy, he can provide nice value in a division with a lot of questionable pitching.

While there are plenty of good outfielders, I think nabbing Puig in the top 60 is a fair draw. Plus if he heats up early, his name value could pull a big return for you.



What do you think? Should a GM invest or pass on Yasiel Puig if he's available on the board?

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