Exodus (Exo FanFic Chapter 9)

Chapter 9 ~D.O

~Colorado 1993 ~

I held my hand over my wound. The blood was gushing out but it wasn't to bad so I can heal quick. I tripped, causing me to fall to the ground and the basket a little way for me. My son started crying in the basket. I gathered up all my strength to crawl on the ground. When I reached the basket there was already two people standing there. I looked up at them. The young woman who looked to be in her early twenties bent down and took Kangsoo out of the basket. The young man came around and picked me up. "No leave me and take my Kyungsoo with you. Name him D.O, here take these." I tried to give them the letter and the necklace but they refused. We got inside a car and they drove to the hospital. The doctors stitched me up. They said I'll have to stay over night but I could not afford to stay when my son Tao needed to get away from Exo planet. When the nurse and doctor left. I got up from the bed. I made it and left the letter and necklace. I heard the door knob turn and I teleported out of the room. ~Person's p.o.v~ I held the baby boy in the lobby. My older brother was sitting next to me as we waited for news on the lady. I brushed the baby's face. He yawned and opened his owl like eyes. He was a very sweet baby as he stared at me. "What did the lady say about his name?" I asked my brother. "I think she said his name is Kyungsoo or D.O" he said. I smiled, Kyungsoo was a nice name and it fit him well. The doctor came in and looked for us. "You can go in now." we nod and made our way to the room. When my brother opened the door, we found it empty. "Excuse me Miss where is the lady?" I asked. The nurse looked up from her clip board and looked in the room. Her eyes grew wide and grasped. She ran to get the doctor. My brother walked in and looked at the stuff on the bed. He opened the letter and handed it over to me to read. I looked at the baby and sighed by then the doctor and nurse came back. They said that she was not found. We nod and left the hospital with the baby. I told my brother that I was going to raise the baby by myself. He nod to tell me that he will support me no matter what.

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