30 Day K-Pop Challenge (LAST DAYS)

Sorry for the long delay again!!!

Day 29 - I look up to I would say I really can't choose I mean I look up to all the BTS members they all motivate me to stay happy through hard times in life and keep striving towards your dreams, but if I had to pick one it'd be Namjoon (Rapmonster). He may look tough and all, but he has a fun loving side as well and is very respectful as a leader of the group.


Day 30 - Hm let's see best smile...well I'd have to pick Taehyungie!! I mean just look at the adorable smile awww!!


Well I enjoyed doing this challenge I apologize again for not having any favorite female Kpop groups and I also apologize for having much delays. (๑^ں^๑) I do sincerely apologize though.


~Thank you for your time~

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