Fact. I told you the exact chain of events that would occur when you said that you would rather be single. You weren't there for me when I was at my absolute worst. Where sleep was scarce and my eyes pained the longer I kept them hinged open. Life turned into a dream where I was always just existing, in a silent agony and watching my sanity tirelessly cripple under the stress that I was never good enough. The smile on my face was fake, but the tears that welled up in my eyes were 100 percent real, and 100 percent pissing me off. Especially when they preform a mutiny and swan dive down my cheeks into a larger pool of sadness that was a bowl of soup, or the toilet, or even a sandwich. Now something stand between me and the inevitable sad pit of darkness and that one day is bound to swallow me whole and send me down a spiral of rage. And this something is literally the most fun, loving, and stubborn as an ox person I have ever met. So really I should thank you because you inadvertently became the best thing in my life. Because without the desire to prove you wrong and shove it down your fucking throat because God damn it I am a catch and no amount of meaningless, nonsensical, bullshit, disguised as feeble attempt to handicap me in my quest towards the pursuit of happiness, can ever be enough to smother this rip-roaring quintessence that is my life. So in all honesty. Fuck off. You don't deserve the thoughts that I waste on you inadvertently. Not even the ones where I compare to a small deaf blind child, mentally ill equipped to manage present day living.

I like to write to help others, but also help myself
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