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This is my first fanfic that I have ever written I hope you guys like it. If there's anything that I need to improve on please let me know. As for the story line don't really have one I'm just writing it out as it goes. I'll try and upload the next chapter as soon as possible. should I make the chapters a little bit longer? hmm you guys let me know. CHAPTER 1

 It was bright and early or so you thought, the sun was shinning  through the curtains, you slowly opened yours eyes waiting for them to adjust to the light. You sat up in bed feeling well rested and ready to get the day started you stretched your arms out and turning to look at the time "Oh crap I'm late I'm late I'm late it's the first day of school and I'm already running late uggh." Your mom had warned you the night before to set your alarm but being the stubborn girl that you are you were confident that you would wake up on time and decided not to. "Soo yoon-ah are you ready to go to school?" Your mom walked in seeing you run around the room struggling to get ready. You stopped what you were doing to give your mom an answer but before you could say anything your mom was walking out saying "I told you so." Once you felt like you looked somewhat acceptable you grabbed your bagged ran out your room down the stairs and out the front door wishing your parents a good day."Note to self set the alarm from now on." You thought to yourself as you ran down the street. Finally arriving at the front gates of the school running completely late you quickly made your way in heading to your classroom when you were stopped by one of the teacher aids."Kim soo yoon-ssi you're late." You turned to see your favorite teacher aid Mr. Park."Good morning Mr. Park." You bowed giving him an eye smile. Using a little aegyo with Mr. Park always seemed to soften him a little and it did he smiled back."Kim soo yoon-ssi can you do me a favor." Apparently there are 7 new transfer student's who needed to be shown to their first class. Plus it was also a way of getting out of trouble for being late. Mr. Park lead you to the office. When you walked in you were greeted by 7 smiling faces. What Mr. Park forgot to mention was that the new students were all boys, very cute boys."I'm sorry to keep you boys waiting. Boys this is Kim soo yoon she will be showing you to your first class. If you have any questions or need any help getting around you can come to me or soo yoon-ssi." He said while pointing in your direction. Finally out of Mr. Parks office you saw the boys shyly walking behind."So what years are you guys in?" You asked hoping to break the ice."BamBam and Yugyeom are first years, Youngjae is a second year, Jr, Mark, Jackson, and I are third years."the boy with reddish brown hair said while pointing at each one."May I know you name as well?" He nodded. "My name is JB. What year are you?" He said kind of shyly. "Just like you I am also a third year. May I see your schedules?" You said as you held out your hand. You got Yugyeom and BamBam to their classes first followed by Youngjae then Mark and Jr and lastly JB and Jackson were left. They fortunately had the same classes as you did. Once walking in to the classroom you bowed to your teacher." I'm sorry for being late Mr. Choi but Mr. Park instructed me to show the new transfer student's to their classrooms." You motioned to the two boys who were still standing by the door. You bowed once again and apologized for interrupting his lesson and made your way to your seat. Mr. Choi motioned for the boys to come in. The room was then filled by whispers mostly by the girls." Alright everybody settle down. Would you boys please introduce yourselves." He said while making his way over to his desk. JB went first. You could tell he was kinda of nervous."A..Annyeonghaseyo Im Jaebum-imnida but friends call me JB." He bowed to the class. Then came Jackson's turn."Annyeonghaseyo Jackson Wang-imnida." He said while he gave everyone an eye smile and bowed. Mr. Choi instructed them to take their seats but the only available seats just so happen to be on either side of me. The rest of the school day seemed to go by pretty quickly. By the time you knew it the bell had rang marking the end of the school day. You got to know more about JB as well the others through out the day. They apparently call themselves Got7. BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae felt comfortable enough around you that they started calling you noona. Jackson and Mark on the other hand tried to get you to call the four eldest oppa."Come on soo yoon-ah call us oppa." Jackson said when you bumped in to him and the others on your way out of the building. He had been asking all day as did Mark. You eventually gave up and agreed to calling them oppa mostly because you were a sucker when it came to aegyo and you just couldn't say no when both Mark and Jackson decided to team up and use aegyo against you."Okay Okay I'll call you guys oppa. Well I see you guys tomorrow." You were almost home when you had the oddest feeling as if someone was following you. You turned around to notice 7 boys walking behind you." Umm.... what are you doing?" You said a little confused as to why they were following you home."We're walking home duh noona." Both Yugyeom and BamBam answered."Do you guys know where you're going by the look on JB oppas face it doesn't look like you do." JB's face seemed to redden after you called him oppa but you just shook it off even though it was the cutest thing ever." To be completely honest we don't" Mark was first to admit. Turns out they lived in the same neighborhood as you not only that but they had moved into the house right next door. Which you found odd because you don't remember seeing any moving trucks. Once you said your goodbyes to the boys just a few steps and you were in front of your house. Just when you were about to open the door you heard someone call out to you."Soo yoon-ah. " You turned to see a blonde headed boy running up to you."Jackson oppa." You said as he came closer." S..S..Soo yoon-ah would you like to walk together to school tomorrow with me and the boys?" Jackson asked with his head down. You put your hand on his shoulder and he looked up at you and you nodded. he gave you the cutest eye smile and waved goodbye as he ran back home. You walked in said hello to your parents, you then went up stairs to your room changed into some comfortable clothes and headed back downstairs to have dinner. After dinner you said goodnight to your parents and went back upstairs to wash up and get ready for bed. Once in bed you made sure to set your alarm clock you didn't want another repeat of this morning events. For some reason you felt really tired and soon drifted off to sleep.

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