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 Jackson X reader special guest Jimin. Hi okay back again with another request this is for@Jessicaacosta90  enjoy ;)


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"(Y/N)!!!" you heard Jackson voice call out your name. "Please wake up..please don't leave me!" Jackson voice shuttered as he cried. "you can't come in here sir" a stranger voice said. "what going to happen to her is she going to be okay!" Jimin ask with so much sorrow in his voice. they called out your name as they voice fade farther away. and the only thing you could hear was a deeping sound and you own breathing echoing. "her bleeding is critical" a voice said "she lost to much blood doctor" a woman claimed. "her pulse is dropping... her oxygen is dropping as well Doctor " the nurse voice sound serious. "get her the oxygen mask quickly!" the man ordered. your eyes slightly open. the doctor looks at you. "I promise I'll try to save you young lady, don't give up on me" you could feel tears streaming down your cheek . "SIR! HER HEART RATE IS DROPPING." "quickly bring me-" Everything went silent and pitch black the only sound that you hear was your own breathing decreasing and your heart beat slowing down.

"Jackson....where are you Jackson....." you cried for him

"Please don't leave me alone....I'm scared...... Jackson" you cried to yourself. "(Y/N)!!! WAKE UP!! PLEASE DON'T DIE ON ME!!"

Jackson?....I'm sorry...I can't... I'm so tired....

"we have a pulse"

hope you enjoy this short peak of the 3 part of Jackson storyTaglist: The Homies hehe.! Thunder Fam!!

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