Gong Yoo shared "Look I'm Alive!" as he ends his filming for 'Suspect'

Gong Yoo wrapped us his filming for crime thriller movie "The Suspect" on June 2nd, and jokingly shared with his fans, "Look I'm Alive!" "The Suspect" is Gong Yoo's first action movie ever, in which he acts as Ji Dong Chul, a North Korean spy who was betrayed by his country. He then fled to South Korea for a new life, only to became a main suspect in a murder case. He sets out to catch the real murderer to clear his name. "The Suspect" started filming during August 2012 and will be in the box office later this year. Via nocutnews Gong Yoo! I love him in Big. He always has a somewhat comedy aura around him so I can't wait to see him in an action and thriller movie? There is no specific date yet for the release but I hope it will be as soon as possible :D

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