Vic Mignogna has it together

I found this on facebook and I had to share Vic the voice actor for the dubs of edward elric

and tamaki suoh those are a couple roles hes played but thats besides the point Im a christian and I believe God loves everyone and he takes people as they are and thats what Vic believe but these protesters were saying that you will burn in hell if you dont repent (ok repenting is a good thing but they took it to far) and God doesnt say that just listen to Vic and Im not trying to sound judgemental like you have to be saved this is something important to me and I wanted to share it with you guys so if you dont like this stuff just move on dont leave hate or anything like that thanks tag your friends share this with others tell me how you liked it tell me about your faith or message me if you have any question about my faith ill be happy to answer anything plus i like the way it puts christian protesters in quotations marks on the video



Hi I'm Pete I'm a huge nerd i like anime comics video games music and movies I am also a christian
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