White Day Screen Shot Results!

This game was made by@amobigbang , so thanks for making it! Original card -> http://www.vingle.net/posts/1469396?shsrc=v

you're my boyfriend, eh? OK, I can deal.

I'll take the champagne, you keep the rest. I'm on a diet.

different shoes and I'm good. I would never wear those.

classy....I'm down.

good, cause I'm not ready for anything serious right now.

is there a gift receipt? cause I will NEVER wear this!

this was a fun game! I look forward to seeing more!


tagging my trouble makers: @ElleHolley@ashleyemmert@jessicaacosta90@EliseB@jaiipanda@ScarletMermaid@Twistedpuppy@Nadinerzz@Lexxcisco@narutobandgeek@DianaBell@Isolate@Sarabear1021

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