Attention: I Finally Watched the First 5 Eps of Fairy Tail!!!


Anyways! I decided to watch the first 5 eps of the show over the last week & see how I feel about it!

So, here's what I've though so far:

Actually pretty fun!!

Let me preface this by saying that this show really isn't my normal type of show. I like shorter shows (<30 episodes), I like idol anime, I like mystery, and I like over the top romance. I really, really didn't expect to like this show XD I mean, the art style didn't really appeal to me either, at least not from the get go. But hey!!! I totally do~~ I laughed a lot during these 10 episodes, had fun with the characters we met & adventures they went through in these 10 episodes. Lucy kicking Natsu in the face, her pervy cow friend, the ridiculousness of practically EVERYONE in the was all just so fun!! I love how Lucy knows how pretty she is, haha, I can really appreciate someone like that considering she's still a really nice person. I still won't say this is going to become my favorite show or anything (it has a lottttt of contenders out there to beat!) but I will keep watching for a little bit and see how I enjoy it going forward~

The style of Magic seems pretty cool!

I'm a fan of diversified magic. If everyone has the same magic it's just not as fun! I like that Lucy's got keys, Natsu does fire magic, etc. etc! It makes things a lot more interesting in my opinion, and finding out what each characters type of magic is has been probably the most fun part of it all. And seeing it grow as we go on will be really cool, too!!

My favorite episode of the first five....

Wassssssssss....EPISODE 5!!

I don't have a ship....yet.

Honestly the predominant feature of this show for me BEFORE watching was just seeing how much people on Vingle loveeeeee to talk about who they ship in this show XD I have an idea of who I will ship, but I don't have a "ship" I'm behind yet. We'll see!!! Lucy / Natsu seems likely to be honest simply because the show put them together first, and I'm the type to assume that whoever is first together will end up together but we'll see!!

Am I Going to Keep Watching?

Yuuuuuuppppp!!!FOLLOW ITHERE

Tagging the FT lovers I've been secretly lurking <3


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