Let's Celebrate Pi Day With These 'Wait What?!' Worthy Pies!

So it is officially March 14th, which means that it is one of my favorite non-official holidays, Pi Day!

For those of you who don't math, pi (π) is the ratio of a circle's circumference, roughly 3.14. (Get it? March 14th. 3.14. This is a thing, you guys.)

Anyway, because it is Pi Day, I have decided to celebrate with a special 'Wait What?!' card dedicated to really, truly ridiculous pies. Because, you know, baking is harder than you'd think.

First there is stargazy pie - a Cornish pie that gets its name for incorporating a bunch of skyward facing dead fish into the dish.

Cheeseburger pie - the dessert you bring when you know the dinner is probably going to leave you wanting a second option.

Octopie - for when you want something that's a little bit country, a little bit H.P. Lovecraft-style rock-and-roll.

Washington State pie - a suitable dessert for those who dabble in grunge music, recreational marijuana, and the great outdoors.

McDonald's Sweet Corn pie - it's kind of like carrying around a thing of creamed corn in a deep-fried fast food burrito.

And then there's this whoopie pie - made from macaroni, ramen, and a crap ton of cheese. (WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?)

Pickle and peanut butter pie - just about the meanest pie you could probably serve. But hey, the little flag is cute?


I hope you enjoyed my list of weird, freaky, or downright undelicious pies.

If there's another WTF pie you can think of, let me know below! (And let me know which one of these YOU'D eat. Because that cheeseburger one is strangely appealing.)


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