5 Statement Chignons for Easter Sunday

Hairstyle is important! When you're capture in a photoshoot your head is the first thing people notice. Well, most of the time the bottom-half of the body is cut-off in group photos. So, if there is one thing you need to focus on for an all-important event like Easter it should be your hair. 'Nuff said.

So, let's check off the hairstyle on your list and look at these inspiration for your Sunday coiffure. It'll will complete any outfit!

1. Messy Knot

Twist your hair into a donut bun and gently pull out out some hair and loosen your bun to create this look!

2. Twisted Chignon

Put on a romantic vibe with this sweet update to a classic 'do.

3. Natural Hair Chignon

All you need is two side rope twists and gather the rest of your hair into one big bun! Done!

4. Rolled Up Chignon

This one is super easy. Tease your crown to create a fuller top. Then throw on a stretchable headband and roll your hair up by sections (outer to center).

5. Slick Chignon

Opposite of messy and complicate this one is neatly done. Recreate this 'do by making a low pony bun, then wrap the rest of the hair around the knot for a elegant chignon. Use pins to secure the style.

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